If You’re Feeling Stressed Do These Three Things ASAP

It’s always time to take care of yourself
If You’re Feeling Stressed Do These Three Things ASAP

Growing grey hairs well before your time? Finding yourself overthinking every little detail for no apparent reason? Well then, my dear friend, you might be feeling a little stressed at the moment and that’s totally natural. It’s nothing to freak out about as, we all go through it.

It’s just an involuntary response we go through while we’re on this crazy train ride, called ‘life’. How to cope and keep afloat all depends on how you handle this stress. You see, you may not know this yet but, we here at Cosmo care a lot about your mental well-being. So, we took it upon ourselves to have a chat with an expert, Natalia Hassanie.

She’s an exceptionally inspiring woman and a cancer survivor, so she’s all about radiating good vibes and "Posetivity”. You may be wondering what that is.

Posetivity is basically the way in which yoga and mindfulness helps children overcome their emotional challenges, discover their inner strength and develop positive thinking from an early age. Now, this sort of activity is not only helpful to children, we can also apply this to our daily routines. 

Doesn’t that sound like something we could all use rn? Hassanie insists on the importance of a mutal connection shared between the body, mind and soul which will prove to be vital in overcoming any challenge.

Convinced of the need for some Posetivity in your life? Try these three steps and release all that pent-up stress you’ve been harbouring:



The first step is to stop ourselves from going deep into our challenges and getting lost within them. You should invite stillness & peace into your situation. Avoid triggers; these may be things that surround you in your daily life that might be causing you unnecessary stress.

Your emotions can trigger a large amount of strong feelings which is why you must always be aware and on guard. Realising them and acknowledging them will reduce the intensity of these emotion and help you regain composure, which is key. 



Taking a deep breath might sound super cliché to you but trust us, it actually works. Try and find a space where it’s quiet and take some time for yourself where you can just sit, preferably in a comfortable position. While you sit, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Connect with each breath you take and reflect. While you breathe, try to understand:

  • Why is this happening?
  • Why is this happening now?



Once you've done all that you become the observer of the situation. You're then able to takeover and have more control over the way you respond to stressful or anxiety-inducing situations. You'll able to actively respond, rather than to passively react to what is happening. By responding you take charge. 

Try these small steps the next time you begin to feel anxious or stressed and we guarantee you'll feel much better. Take care, peeps.


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