Say What?! I've Been Using Dry Shampoo Wrong All My Life

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Say What?! I've Been Using Dry Shampoo Wrong All My Life
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Hi, good morning. My pity party invites are in the post, so keep a look out for them, please. I am one of these beings with very fine, blonde hair. Don’t get me wrong, it has its positives (like super-fast drying time and curls that last for ages), however, my hair gets greasy, FAST.

I basically have to wash it every day unless I want to look like I’m going for the KKW slick back, and let’s be honest, I’d just look like a naked mole rat.  I know what you’re gonna say: “has this girl never heard of dry shampoo?”. Yes I have and that stuff simply doesn’t cut it. My hair looks limp and lifeless and sports an icky powdery texture. Eww.

So, daily shampooing has been my only option, UNTIL I strumbled across this truly genius hack.  Turns out the reason why I was struggling so much with dry shamp is cuz I’ve been using it completely wrong (and you probs have been too).


Here is the How-To:

1. Section your hair and spray that hair magic directly on to the roots and ONLY your roots. That’s where your greasy nightmares origin from.

2. Wait 2 MINUTES. Yep, that’s exactly how long the product takes to properly absorb all the oil.

3. Brush through your locks with a boar bristle. Start from the top and let that brush glide all the way through to the ends to avoid that post-powdery texture.


If you are one of the gals that tend to wake up with greasy locks in the morning then you should go through the procedure BEFORE going to sleep. Let the dry shampoo work its magic overnight and wake up with gorge hair in the morning.

Taaadaa! Say hello to as-good-as-fresh hair every day and adieu to the daily lather and rinse. Oh, and did I mention, it gives your messy buns and braids an extra texturised and voluminous finish. What more could you ask for? 

My fave picks: 


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