Guys, We Know Who Originally Broke Up The Jonas Brothers

Fuming at him, tbh
Guys, We Know Who Originally Broke Up The Jonas Brothers
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If you’ve been hearing a lot of shrieks and squeals around your universities or local cafés of late, don't be alarmed: it’s just due to the simple fact that the phenomenal boy band, the Jonas Brothers, decided to stop our hearts beating and reunite after six years apart.

In light of their recent reunion, they’ve been appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden for a week-long takeover. To go cold turkey after their split in 2013 to getting so much Jo-Bro goodness, it’s safe to say we’ve been extra chirpy this past week.

The most recent video of the Carpool Karaoke series, where James Corden drives around L.A and jams with the biggest celebs, featured the Jonas Brothers and for the first time in a looong time, they sang along to all our old faves. And yes, they sang ‘Lovebug’ and yes, we did melt. See for yourself:

In the lie-detector test portion of the Carpool Karaoke video, which we think was a stroke of absolute genius on James Corden’s part, we got all the answers we’ve been dying to find out from the trio.


^Us gearing up to watch the Jo Bros reveal all their secrets... 

One of the biggest revelations ofc has to be when Nick Jonas revealed that he was the one that broke up the band six years ago. Yep, it was all Nick, guys. It’s always the youngest ones, the ones you least expect, to be the culprits. His exact words were: “I broke the band up, but I got it back together,”. So we have Nick to blame and thank for the Jonas Brothers, really.

Corden hit the brothers with a bunch of hard-hitting questions and held nothing back. Thanks to him we know that:

  • Joe finds Kevin the most annoying out of the brothers.
  • At some point, Kevin got tired of Nick and Priyanka Chopra's numerous wedding events, and thought, "how much longer is this going to be?".
  • Nick Jonas felt like there were one too many wedding events when he looked at the bill. 
  • Joe might find his brothers' wives annoying sometimes. 
  • Nick thinks he just might be a better singer than his brothers. 
  • Kevin might have wanted to punch Nick because he split the band up. 


^Us after knowing what we now know about the Jo Bros. 

So, now we know that we can credit the end and the revival of the Jonas Brothers to the 'Jealous' singer, Nick Jonas. It all happened when they were having what Kevin jokingly termed "forced therapy", while shooting their Amazon documentary based on their lives. They wanted to feel the magic they used to feel back when they performed together and - voilà! They're back Sucker-punching us with an amazing tune nonetheless: 


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