You Won't Believe How Lady Gaga fans got Shallow to Number 1

Little Monsters
You Won't Believe How Lady Gaga fans got Shallow to Number 1

Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ has topped the US charts - and it's all down to some Gaga megafans and a Starbucks scam.

Okay, it's not all down to this - but it definitely contributed. Allow us to explain: ‘Shallow’ has hit the top spot on the Billboard Top 100 because a super fan created a fake Starbucks promotional campaign. The singer’s ‘Little Monsters’ then started circulating a convincing photoshopped advert for the coffee chain, which promised a free drink voucher to Twitter users who posted a screenshot of themselves streaming the song.

It also instructed online users to add the hashtag "#Shallowbucks".

There were even fake DMs sent by those in on the scam from a Starbucks check-marked account confirming the voucher and fans even went and bought Starbucks drinks to pretend they had been gifted them. Yep, these people are real.

The culprit, an 18-year-old fan named Nico, told Buzzfeed: “Well since rumours of ‘Shallow’ possibly going number one on Billboard started I knew I had to do something to help her out with sales and streams but I didn’t know just what to do at first. Then one day when I was going home from school I passed by a Starbucks and got the idea last minute."


This pretty smart, if not morally wrong, idea helped knock Ariana Grande's '7 Rings' off number 1.  

The Oscars winner responded to the news (not the bit about the scam) by saying:

Still well deserved, Gaga! 

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