Yikes, Are Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Now On The Rocks?

Yikes, Are Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Now On The Rocks?
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It seems like there's trouble in paradise over in KarJenner land...and we thought things were finally cooling down. This time around, all the attention is focused on Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. Trust us, we were just as shock as you are rn! Will the betrayal ever end?!

Here’s a rundown of what we know:

• Last Thursday (28 February) the rapper postponed his AstroWorld concert in Buffalo, New York, due to falling "ill".

TMZ reported that Kylie had found “evidence” that Travis had been unfaithful, so he stayed in LA to "deal with it".

• Travis' reps shut down the TMZ claims and stated: “"The reason he stayed home from his show tonight was very much because of illness”.

• A source told People that Kylie and Travis had an argument after “she checked his phone and saw something that she didn’t like”.

• The source also mentioned that “Travis says he didn’t cheat."

• Seems like things have cooled down as the source stated "Kylie was upset at first but seems better. She isn’t breaking up with him”.

• Guess the couple have patched things up seeing as at his next NYC concert Travis called  Kylie "wifey" during the show (seemingly his fav nickname for her). 

Talk about a tough week for Kyliem eh? It was just a few days ago when she found out that her bestie Jordyn Woods had gotten a little too friendly with her big sis, Khloe's bf Tristian Thompson. And that's all the tea for today on the KarJenners!

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