Here Are The 7 Things To Take Away From Jordyn Woods’ Tell-All Red Table Talk Interview

The (red) tables have turned…
Here Are The 7 Things To Take Away From Jordyn Woods’ Tell-All Red Table Talk Interview
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Jordyn Woods’ name has been plastered all over the media lately and if you don’t know why, you really should catch up. A LOT has happened over the course of the last couple weeks.

In short, Jordyn (Kylie’s BFF who’s super interlinked in the Kardash fam) was spotted at a party getting too close for comfort with Tristan Thompson (Khloé Kardashian’s baby daddy and now ex). That led to a bunch of unfollowing on Instagram, scandalous rumours, interviews, deleted tweets and oh so much more drama. Did we ever expect anything less from the Kardashians?


Following the mess, Jordyn decided to get her point across and did a tell-all interview on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk.  Why this chat show? Well, Jordyn has been super close to the Smiths for a while now. She is childhood pals with Jaden and Willow and Will Smith has been acting like a father figure to her since her father sadly passed away last year.

Here's what went down: 

1. Jordyn Denied All Cheating Rumours

“Never once did we leave the public area, go to the bedroom, go to the bathroom."

Hmm, ok Jordyn. We'll take your word for it.


2. Jordyn and Tristan Didn't Have a Relationship the Month Prior to the Kiss

There was no sneaking around or flirting before the party so we can put all those nasty rumours to bed. Goodnight.

3. Jordyn Basically Accused The Kardash Fam For Abandoning Her When She Was Down

No, we’re not exaggerating. She actually said this. Her exact words were:

"The arms that I thought would be around me are nowhere to be found."

Now, we’re not quite sure how to feel about that. We’ll just sit here sipping our tea…


4. Jordyn Has Been In Touch With Kylie During All The Chaos

The question everyone’s been dying to have answered: Has Kylie forgiven Jordyn? Well, all we know for now is that they are on speaking terms, as Jordyn told Jada:

"I told her (Kylie) I was coming to the Table today. I think at this point, it’s gone too far, and enough is enough. When the safety of the people I love is in jeopardy, I have to speak."


5. Jordyn Said She Told Khloé Immediately That She Had Been at the Party

So Khloé was informed about the party… just not of ALL the messy details.

“I was honest about being there, but I wasn't honest about the actions that had taken place.”

She explained why she had her reservations about coming clean about everything: 

"I knew how much turmoil was going on, so I didn't want to throw more fuel on the fire."

Does that mean Khloé and Tristan were on the rocks for a while now?

After all the drama, it’s nice to see that Jordyn has not lost her heart as she told Jada:

"[Khloé] doesn't deserve this either. It's not fair that she has to deal with this either."


6. Jordyn Was Adamant About Not Being The Reason Khloé and Tristan Broke Up

“I know I'm not the reason"

Jordyn repeated several times. There was one person who was absolutely NOT having any of that and, that was Khloé. She took to Twitter to give her side of things and it was not pretty:

Although she later had a change of heart...

7. Will Smith made a short appearance on FaceTime to offer Jordyn some fatherly advice

Jordyn has always been close to Will Smith and he had some important words of wisdom for the 21-year-old:

"I would have loved to have been there. There's a lot of things about our relationship and our family. Jordyn's father worked on Fresh Prince before she was born. And I know how hard it was for you and your family when he passed.”

“I was watching you grow, and become a woman, and I had a deep sense that we would be here one day. And what I want to say is that, the world attacks. It just happens, and you'll never get around the world attacking.”

'"I want you to know that you are supported, and I got you, and we got you."

Jada then asked Will to share some fatherly advice for Jordyn’s benefit and he served us this delightful life lesson:

"I would say, take your medicine and tell your truth. This is a part of what growing up is, this is a part of what learning is.”

"This world is not going to break you - we won't allow it."

Can we all have an uncle Will in our lives, please?

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