Would You Forgive Your Betraying Best Friend? (Look Away Jordyn Woods)

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Would You Forgive Your Betraying Best Friend? (Look Away Jordyn Woods)

It's a sad day when you have to discuss being betrayed by your best friend, but unfortunately the reality is real. For the past week we've been consumed by all things Kardashian, covering everything that's going down between Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods, Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. 

In case you've been living under a rock - Jordyn got far too cosy (read between the lines), with Khloé's boyfriend and father to her daughter True. Jordyn is Kylie's BFF and the whole situation is beyond awful.

On Tuesday KoKo broke her silence (Kylie is yet to comment), saying...

Now, back to us, if you don't mind. Just a blip in their friendship, or is it game over? Team Cosmo vent their thoughts on the betrayal.


Kavita Srinivasan, Editor in Chief

"My best friend and I are sisters and have known each other for over two decades. We’ve seen each other through everything… and while it may take some time and distance for me to get over the hurt and pain, I think I eventually would forgive her. My husband told me something once that has stayed with me and is one of the reasons I like him as much as I love him – one mistake does not define an entire relationship. If the mistake is unforgiveable there’s probably something in the relationship that needs fixing – on both sides. So if my best friend was driven to do something this ghastly, perhaps there’s a deeper issue that needs exploring. What’s worse? Her betrayal or not having her in my life anymore? I think, for me, it would definitely be the latter."

Chantel Periera, Junior Assistant 

"Being a firm believer in second chances, I believe I would forgive my best friend. Particularly because I am not perfect and I’m bound to mess up too. The beauty of a best friend is they accept you for you, warts and all.  You may think I’m crazy but there’s a reason she’s your best friend, emphasis on best. Similar to a marital commitment, I believe friendships hold the same weightage and, you do take this person to be in your life ‘for better and for worse’. This just happens to be one of those worse times. And, would I ever let a guy come between me and my bestie? Bite your tongue. My motto in life will always be, ‘forgive and forget’. There’s less drama that way and life’s too short for drama. If your bestie means the world to you, why not pardon this mistake (albeit a big one, no doubt)."


Olivia Adams, Digital Editor 

"Of course it's an incredibly sad situation, but I have to say no, I would not. There are billions of people in the world and I have plenty more friends who wouldn't betray me. Trust in friendships and relationships is paramount: without it, it's the end of the road. Even after grieving what we've lost, I wouldn't be able to accept my friend's apology. The damage has been done. Yes, we all make mistakes, it's human nature, but betrayal to this level is unforgiveable to me. I don't doubt that the friendship could be restored if we worked to resolve it, there's just one problem - I'm not willing to do this. I'd rather move on without her."

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Chloe Bosher, Fashion & Beauty Editor 

"No I would not, no matter how long we have been friends for. I would have told her all my emotions about our relationship and I think that would be the biggest betrayal more than the physical side of things. Jordyn is (or should I say was?) like family to Kylie and it's just not acceptance behaviour. I'm done."

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