So THIS is how Orlando Bloom proposed to Katy Perry

Cute or cliché? It's a tough one
So THIS is how Orlando Bloom proposed to Katy Perry

If you haven’t seen it already, Orlando Bloom placed a stunning (flower) rock on Katy Perry’s finger on V-Day this year and, the question on everyone’s mind was: how’d he do it? Well, Katy appeared on Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and laid all our curious minds to rest. We are eternally in your debt, Katy. 

On the assumption that the pair were simply going for dinner and to go "see some art" after, Katy was totally caught off-guard by Bloom’s proposal. He took her to a helicopter and that was where he popped the question and, some bubbles too (but not in the way you’d expect...).

Katy went on to describe exactly how it all went down and, never before have we believed in the fact that celebs are mere mortals just like us. Why you may ask? Well, you’d think that the proposal very smooth, very suave, very Bloom-esque but, au contraire my friends, it was the very opposite.

Katy describes the hilarious turn of events that unfolded once they were on board the helicopter:

“The (engagement ring) box was in his pocket, and he had written down everything he wanted to say on a note”.

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D’awww. Can all guys take notes (literally). She then proceeded to tell us how while she was reading said note, Bloom reached to pull the, as she describes it, comically oversized ring box of his pocket. In doing so, he managed to rip his coat as well as knocking over the bottles and glasses in the helicopter. Talk about being nervous. 

But all this seems a bit cheesy, with the elaborate scheme of a helicopter and bubbly ready, doesn't it? We expected far more from the Pirates of the Caribbean star but, hey. He got a 'yes', so he must've done something right. He even arranged for her friends and family to be there when they landed at a building downtown. So, back to our question: cute, or cliché?

We'd love to hear your thoughts...

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