The Simple Steps To Make Your Insta Feed More Pleasing To The Eye

It’s all in the theme-ing
The Simple Steps To Make Your Insta Feed More Pleasing To The Eye

Everyone wants their Instagram feed to be #instagoals. I mean, how else do you explain people taking five million years to take a picture of their avocado toast for the perfect Insta post? Yep, the struggle is real.

But worry not because what we have here for you are these absolutely fool-proof ways in which you can have an aesthetic Instagram feed. We promise it will make all your friends jealous of you and your superior ways. So listen closely and take notes as you pave your way to instant #instagoals.

1. Get Inspired.


Have a look around the 'gram and scout the insta accounts that make you weak in the knees. These accounts will then act as your mood board so that you have an example of the type of aesthetic you want to achieve. 

2. Select a Theme. 


Choosing a theme for your Instagram account is key in determing your aesthetic. This would entail you making a decision on what kind of posts you would want to make; your Insta account needs to tell a story. Therefore, all the pictures should be telling a cohesive story, rather than a series of disconnected moments. 

3. Identify a Colour Scheme You'd Like To Stick To. 


Picking a colour scheme is a monumental process because it plays right into the satisfactory element of an aesthetic feed. Some examples of aesthetic colour schemes include; a black and white scheme, a pastel colour scheme or even a bold neon colour scheme. It's all up to you and your whimsy. Just make sure you stick to it for the most part. 

4. Ditch the Grainy Pictures.


You don't always have to post a picture every time you go out with your friends. Play the long game and not the short game. If your aim is to produce an Insta feed that's meant to stun, grainy pictures are your biggest foes. 

5. Switch Up Your Pose.


Is your feed sort of repetitive with all the same angled selfies? You may want to shake up the way in which you take your pictures, because you definitely don't want to get stuck in a rut. That's not how you work your way to an aesthetic feed, js. 

6. Pay Mind To Your Environment. 


A common mistake people make when they take pictures is they neglect to pay attention to the backgrounds of the places thye pose infornt of and this is an aesthetic feed faux-pas. So, make sure the pictures you post have backgrounds that match the overall theme of your feed. 

7. Plan Your Feed Before You Make a Post. 

With the help of apps such as Planoly and UNUM, you can plan exactly what your feed would look like before you actually post the picture you want to. This will help you to be more tactical about your posting and, will aid you in sticking to your theme. 

Well, you're all set! Go forth and create. 

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