#Rihanna is Trending On Twitter And It Has Nothing To Do With Music

This viral challenge is life
#Rihanna is Trending On Twitter And It Has Nothing To Do With Music
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A normal assumption after seeing #Rihanna trending on Twitter would be that the super talented singer is planning on releasing new music. Something avid members of Rihanna’s Navy (a term coined for all RiRi fans), would freak out over given the massive success her last album, “Anti” was when it released back in 2016.

However, this is not the case.

The real reason #Rihanna is trending on the social media platform is mainly due to a viral challenge that fans are freaking out over. It entails googling the Fenty Beauty founder, along with your respective birthday, and the result gives you what the fashionista was sporting on your nameday. Amazing. 

The trend was started by Shari A.K.A @chipdnudepolish after she was inspired by a smilar viral challenge involving Beyoncé's birthday. With RiRi's birthday (Feb 20) fast approaching, she started the new movement:  

We mean, it’s no big music release announcement but still, it’s pretty cool. Here are some fans having fun with the challenge:

I might have caved and given it a go too. I'm pleased to report that on Feb 4, Rihanna appeared on The Ellen Show and blessed us with this fabulous outfit:

Rihanna on Feb 4th

However, some fans weren't so happy about the trending tweets.

Eitherway, we've received our daily dose of LOLs and RiRi, so we're good now. Watch this space for your daily updates on all things celeb related! 

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