Here’s The Ultimate Anti-Valentine’s Day Guide For All Our Single Folks

Bah lovebug!
Here’s The Ultimate Anti-Valentine’s Day Guide For All Our Single Folks

If you find yourself reading this fine well-versed article, chances are you believe that Valentine’s Day is nothing but an overhyped, commercialised day that big corporations use to feed on the wallets of unsuspecting poor sappy souls that feel the need to buy expensive unnecessary gifts for their loved ones (mainly due to watching one too many rom-coms). If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place, my friend.

Don’t let all the beaming couples, the suffocating scent of red roses and the cream-filled heart chocolates scare you into retreating into your room until the dreaded day is behind us. You can still have an amazing time on Valentine’s Day, if you just give our ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’ guide a try. Who says only the couples get to have all the fun? 

Here's what you can do:

1. Go Enjoy an Amazing Dinner At Bridgewater Tavern

Bridgewater Tavern

This edgy sports bar is totally on the same page as us this V-Day where they agree that “Love Sux”. Their nouveau gastrodive aesthetic will help you forget all about the Valentine’s drama as they sweep you off your feet with their gourmet comfort food from the likes of their Parmesan truffle fries to their addictive black wasabi shrimp. Grab all your best pals and head on down to this bar/restaurant and party the night away.
Where: Bridgewater Tavern, JW Marriot Marquis Dubai
When: Thursday, Feb 14 from 4pm to 2am
Contact: +971 4 414 3000, website

2. Watch Some Totally Un-Romantic Movies In The Cinema


Who needs to see the same old love stories unfold on the silver screen over and over again this V-Day? We all know how it’s going to end anyways; guy meets girl, one of them messes up, they breakup, guy runs through airport (without any security clearance... LOL HOLLYWOOD) and wins girl back for the inevitable happy ending. We’ve seen it all before and we want our money back. This VDay, go out with your girls and instead of opting for the classic chick flick, try one of these picks:

  • Happy Death Day 2U - There's nothing better than a comedy slasher film to get you of that V-Day funk.
  • The Vanishing - An action-packed thriller about a chest filled with gold, where the only man you need to worry about is Gerard Butler's beautiful face on screen. 
  • The Prodigy - Shriek your lungs out with your besties when you watch this supernatural flick. 

3. Let Your Anger Out At The Smash Room

Still carrying all that pent up rage and fury from all your failed past relationships? In comes The Smash Room with the most epic Anti-Valentine's Day plan yet! When you visit this fine establishment on V-Day, you'll get the chance to select a song of your choosing (preferably one that reminds you of your former flame, the target), which will play in the background as you proceed to smash all memories of said ex. The package includes a TV with your former partner's name sprayed on it to smash, 10 glasses to break, as well as any other things you bring along (hint: old gifts) to destroy. Go ham this V-Day and unleash your inner animal. 
Where: The Smash Room, Al Quoz
When: Thursday, Feb 14
Price: Dhs175 per person
Contact: +971 4 339 7810, website

4. Have A Bonfire Brunch With Double Decker

Double Decker Pub

Opposed to the popular opinion in How I Met Your Mother, brunch doesn’t only have to be a couple’s activity. With the Double Decker Pub this V-Day you and your gal pals can enjoy a delish buffet spread, live entertainment, a host of games and the very best part, a piping hot bonfire. The bonfire is present for all your ex-termination needs; bring along a picture of your former flame (pun intended) and toss it in the fire, while you celebrate the joys of being single with your best friends around you. 
Where: Double Decker Pub, Roda Al Murooj Downtown Dubai
When: Friday, Feb 15 from Noon to 4pm 
Price: From Dhs250
Contact: +971 4 321 1111, website

5. Take An Anti-Valentine's Quiz in Garden on 8

Garden on 8

Think you're the expert on all things Anti-Love and Anti-Valentine's? If you believe you've got what it takes, collect all your single buddies and head on down to Garden on 8 to take part in their anti-Valentine's Day quiz. Be prepared to be tested and do ensure you have your wits about you as this will not be an easy journey ahead. To provide you with sufficient brain fuel, the venue's chefs will be whipping up some twisted food specials in light of the evening's special theme. Happy Hour will begin from 6pm onwards. 
Where: Garden on 8, Media One Hotel
When: Thursday, Feb 14 (Quiz from 8pm to 10pm)
Price: From Dhs95 
Contact: +971 4 427 1000, website

6. Dance the Night Away At Nelson’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Instead of moping around about your lack of significant other this V-Day, paint the town red at Nelson’s. Their Anti-Valentine’s Day party has a little something to suit everyone, whether you may be single, taken or a little undecided. Enjoy their Buy One Get One free offer on selected house beverages and groove all night to the sick beats of DJ Tin Tin. So, dress to impress and get ready to mix and mingle with all the fabulous singles you’re bound to encounter when you party at Nelson’s.
Where: Nelson's, Media Rotana, Barsha Heights
When:  Thursday, Feb 14 from 8pm
Contact: +971 4 435 0000, website

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