Feeling Unmotivated? Feeling Like Your Life Is All Over The Place? Read This RN!

Get out of the rut, girl.
Feeling Unmotivated? Feeling Like Your Life Is All Over The Place? Read This RN!
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You know what you've got to do to make your life ah-maazing. Then why is it so hard to get up, get motivated and get moving? If you're the queen of procrastination and don't have your stuff together the way you should, we've got just the kickstart you need to get going. Six steps to a new you! Here goes everything...

1. Set goals one day at a time

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Remind yourself that whatever you're able to achieve in the short run will yield results (even something as simple as getting out of bed). When you start taking things one day, or maybe even one hour at a time, you'll start feeling awesome for even the smallest accomplishments. Start small and before you know it, you've thought BIG.


2. Write everything you want down

When you're in a rut and feeling completely drained *thnx life*, write out a few goals that remind yourself what you want to do. That little reminder, even if you don't act on it immediately, will spur you into action at some point. Well, at least one can hope.


3. Keep track of your accomplishments

There's something super satisfying about checking off a task once you've accomplished it. Use whatever method works for you, right from a simple ‘To-Do' list to anything else. Anything that works will do.


4. Reward yourself

Once you’ve completed a task, treat yourself to a lil' something. Positive reinforcement will make you want to accomplish more! Whether a creamy, frothy caramel latte, buying something you've been eyeing or even an early night’s sleep/ binge watching Netflix. 


5. Squash them negative thoughts!

It's easy to get down on yourself when things are not going as planned. But before things get out of hand and you spiral into negativity, stop the self-shaming. While it may be tough to get those awful thoughts to come to a screeching halt, just being aware that you're not thinking the way you should be, is a great place to start! 


6. Patience, Patience, Patience!

So you've done everything right, made all the right moves, but there have been no results yet. Our advice -- do the good stuff and sit back and wait. We don't mean twiddle your thumbs endlessly... just do what you're doing, do it well and great stuff will happen. We PROMISE!


Get out there and seize the day! We believe in you!

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