10 Things About Today's Google Doodle Comedy Icon Mary Mounib

Who was she?
10 Things About Today's Google Doodle Comedy Icon Mary Mounib
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'Egypt's funniest mother-in-law', Mary Mounib, was paid homage to with a Google Doodle on what would have been her 114th birthday. Mary Mounib was a legendary Egyptian actress, who was deemed as a comedy icon of her time. We’ve compiled a list of 10 facts about her life:

1. Her birth name was Marie Salim Habib Nasrallah.

But, you may recognise her by her more common stage name, Mary Mounib. 

2. Mary was born on February 11, 1905 in Beirut, Lebanon.

She then moved to Cairo with her family at a very young age, where she got her education and, later started her acting career in the city’s film industry.

3. She worked as a dancer at the Rawd al-Faraj amusement park.

She took up dancing before getting involved in the film industry to provide for her family, following her father's demise. We're all about family values and we have nothing but respect for this lady. 

4. She was the first woman to break into a male dominated industry *Yes girl power*.

Mary broke the glass ceiling and became the first Egyptian actress to dominate in the comedy field. There were plays written just for her and she would be cast in as the leading lady, bearing similar roles to her male counterparts. 

5. Married her husband Fawzi Mounib at the age of 14!

Fun fact: he was a comedian/ actor too! However, their marriage didn't last long and she got married to lawyer, Fahmy Abdel Salam who was the ex-husband of her late sister. Whoa.

6. She had 3 children. 

Her daughters were named Mariem, Nour and Zena Mounib. 

7. Her most prominent roles were ; ‘My Mother-in-Law is an Atomic Bomb’ (1951) and ‘A Marriage Tale’ (1964).

Her iconic voice and unique sense of humour will be treasured forever. 

8. Mary is famous for playing the role of the protective mother.

You can find her comical roles in Egyptian films like Inshudat El Radio (Song of the Radio), Nashid Al-Amal (The Chant of Hope), and Aser Elaeyon (The Prisoner of Her Eyes).

9. Mary was acting for almost five decades!

With almost 200 film titles under her belt, she cemented her place in Egyptian cinema history and became a true comedy icon. 

10.  She is the grandmother of late pop singer Amer Mounib.

One of his famous tracks being, 'Aymana'.

Happy Birthday Mary!

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