REVIEW: Maiden Shanghai

A culinary gem that promises a modern take on classic Chinese dishes
REVIEW: Maiden Shanghai

Located on the second floor of FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel, lies Maiden Shanghai – a Chinese restaurant that promises it’s diners a modern twist on classic dishes.

Upon entering the predominantly wooden venue which features a number of modern paintings and art pieces, it became evident that Maiden Shanghai extends its promise to far more than just the food served.


Speaking of food, with a menu that features everything from succulent lobster dishes to the most tender beef tenderloin and the tastiest organic chicken – picking just a few items from the extensive menu, proved no easy task.

However, after a few encouraging words from our waiter, we opted to start our culinary journey with the shared veggie dim sum platter as well as a serving of the poached asparagus, which is paired with wok tossed sesame and glazed with Shanghai sauce, and a portion of the poached okra which is served with a refreshing ginger sauce. And, while we thoroughly enjoyed the poached okra and the platter, it was the poached asparagus that really stood out for us. The sesame seeds added a nice break in texture while the overall dish was light and delicious.

Much like with our starters, we went all out with the mains. Ordering everything from the Peking Duck (the meat was so tender that it literally fell apart in the mouth while the spice used was truly ingenious) to the sweet and sour chicken (a classic dish that’s cooked to perfection). We also opted for the braised tofu which is stuffed with mixed mushrooms and served in a pumpkin and truffle oil broth – it was divine. So good in fact, that we ordered seconds.


While the food was beyond spectacular, it was the dessert that really sealed the deal for us and made Maiden Shanghai one of our favourite Chinese haunts in the city.

While the fruit platter and assortment of exotic sorbets was delicious, it was the baked ginger yogurt that stole the show for us. It was light, crispy and incredibly delicious – which meant that we ordered much more than just one portion… (three, we ordered three).

Food aside, the seamless service as well as the stunning views of The Palm and of FIVE’s infinity pool – is also well worth a mention. And, trust me, both of which will do wonders for your Instagram account.

Now if you would excuse me, I’m off to book another dinner at Maiden Shanghai tonight – just in time for the Chinese New Year, no less.

Maiden Shanghai
Where: FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel
Contact: website

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