The Stunning Force That Is Ashley Graham Came To Visit Us

And, this is what she had to say
The Stunning Force That Is Ashley Graham Came To Visit Us
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It goes without saying that we love strong women, who encourage and inspire women to be stronger. So, when we heard that Ashley Grahram was coming to our shore, we understandably FREAKED out.

The 31-year-old was joined by fellow inspiration Mona Kattan, and together they opened the Marina Rinaldi boutique in The Dubai Mall.


During her visit, the stunning model shared some of her biggest life tips and advice.

*Warning, strong words lay ahead...

"You are not alone"

We sincerely agree.

"Be true to yourself - as if you are not who will be!"

Love starts with you, after all. 

"You will never please everyone


"Don't put strict rules on your body"

It's the only one you've got.

"Help others, where you can"

It goes a long way, we really believe that.

"Never talk bad about yourself in front of your children"

We CANNONT stress on how important this point is!

"Products don't have a size. So, why should we be labelled as one?"


"Choose your words wisely. What you say can impact others around you"

Best be nice.

"Perfect does not exist"

We couldn't agree more.

"Try not to let society, media and people influence or change who you are"

You are strong, fierce and beautiful.

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