You Will Not Believe What 90s Trends Are Making A Comeback

Our inner teenager is over the moon!
You Will Not Believe What 90s Trends Are Making A Comeback

Pull out your jewelled butterfly clips, scrunchies and those padded headbands, because 90s hair accessories are making a big comeback! Yes, that’s right, we’re being transported back to the days of platform shoes, colourful prints and crop tops. Nostalgic yet?

Several celebs, from Candice Swanepoelto, Hailey Bieber, have all embraced this throwback trend. It has even made its way onto the catwalk! Designers such as, Versace, Simone Rocha and Prada infused the every day accessories that we loved back in the 90’s into their catwalk looks. Here are a few of the looks that we loved; 

Prada-The padded OTT headband 

Nothing screams 90's more than a good old headband. Perfect for those days when your hair  just isn't cooperating, or if you're feeling edgy and just want to change up your look.

Versace- hair clip

Versace never fails to amaze us with their unique looks. And the same goes for their accessories! It's crazy how something as simple as the hair clip  can tie an entire look together. I mean how chic do they look ?!

Simone Rocha - beaded tiara hairband

It's no secret that headbands are a staple piece in all our accessory drawers for when we want to have that princess moment, don't try and deny it! This beaded tiara headband brings back all the feelings. Simone Rocha are introducing a spin on the beaded headband and we are here for it! 

Want to relive your childhood/teen years? This March, Tips and Toes will be launching Kela Hair Jewellery, an Australian accessory brand.  They will be offering hair jewellry applications throughout their salons. So make sure you pop in and ' take your mane-game to stylish new levels'. Prices start from Dhs51 available at all of their branches. 

On a budget?  You will be able to pick up an array of hair jewellery, head to your nearest branch of Accessorize or Claires for an array of options priced under Dhs50.

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