Spotify Is Working On A Brilliant Feature That Will Stop Your Tears From Falling

Slight exaggeration but, it will be amazing!
Spotify Is Working On A Brilliant Feature That Will Stop Your Tears From Falling

Picture this: you’ve had a bad day so you try and cheer yourself up by putting on a Spotify playlist, one that’s filled with beautiful, uplifting hits. It's all going good but then, a song starts playing... It’s the song that you and your ex swore you’d sing at your wedding. Seconds later, you’re crying. Like ugly crying. And, minutes later, you’re scraping your ice cream tub for the last bit of creamy goodness, while looking at pictures of said ex.

Sound familiar? Girl, same. That was my Monday. Rather pathetic but after eating that last bit of ice cream and after ordering more, I was fine. Not really, but fine is what I’m going with.

Fortunately for us sad sacks, the good people at Spotify have realised that some users DO NOT WANT TO HEAR FROM CERTAIN ARTISTS. So, the music streaming service is currently testing a neat, new feature that will allow you to mute a song or artist. How BRILLIANT?

There's a catch, apparently. It looks like they are having trouble stopping featured tracks from making their way into your earhole and ruining your day. Best get that fixed before officially launching the app. I will not have a certain someone come in with a honey toned voice and make me CRY.

The exact launch date is yet to be announced but the internet is already pretty thrilled. 

Below are just some of the thousands of tweets, applauding Spotify for its decision to spare us heartbroken and fragile beings from further pain. And, from having to buy bigger clothes (you know, because of all the ice cream).

Toodaloo, I’m off to create my own playlist that will not trigger my one feeling and cause my eyes to precipitate. 

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