This Is The Detox That You All Need to Get Behind

This Is The Detox That You All Need to Get Behind

We all need a break every now and then. Be it with friends, family (harsh but true and, something the holiday reminds us of), work, anything and everything really. 

Sometimes you just need to take off your life and relax. And, this can be made a lot easier with a social media break.

Social media break? I know, I know, you’re probably sitting there like ‘has she gone mad?!’ But hear me out… social media is a platform that we use every single day and it's very easy to get caught up in a make believe world *been there done that*.

There are numerous benefits to taking social media hiatuses, here are a few of them;

1. Increased Self-Esteem

Once you’re offline you'll begin to realise that your self-esteem is increasing, a tad. It's so easy to fall into the whole “cookie cutter” life that is portrayed online and, rather than living our lives and appreciating those around us, we try to achieve the unachievable and actually end up living in isolation. By removing the source, you will gradually start appreciating what you have and those around you. 


2. You Will Sleep Better

Goodbye sleepless nights, and hello extra zzz’s! We are all guilty of staying up late every night because of our phones. By putting your device away and picking up a book instead, you are more likely to get a better nights sleep. Wouldn’t you prefer waking up relaxed and rested, rather than looking and feeling like a zombie? I know, I would. 


3. Your Mental Health Will Improve

With constant exposure to a million and one different lives, you are continuously subject to pressure. The pressure of not looking a certain way, having certain things or not being "enough". This could potentially trigger a number of health issues such as anxiety, body dysphoria, and depression. By spending less time online, you are effectively reducing the chance of these happening to you.


4. You Start Spending Your Time Doing Things That Matter 

On a typical day we tend to spend hours scanning through social media feeds. If you stop the mindless scrolling, you will be more productive and your energy as well as your attention span will more than likely increase. You'll  also have down time to spend on your hobbies.


I know it's scary to be without your phone but, I believe in you. 

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