Get Your "Friends" Fix At This New Café In Dubai

They’ll be there for you, 24/7
Get Your "Friends" Fix At This New Café In Dubai

If you have never watched the iconic, 90’s sitcom Friends, I’m totally not judging you (oh, but I am). It’s is one of those TV shows that changes your life, for the better. Our beloved gang’s go-to coffee-shop ‘Central Perks’  is one of the many, many things that made the show so memorable, and an instant classic. Anybody else miss Gunther? Just me? Okay, moving on...

Watching the show (and, re-watching it countless other times) always had me wishing for a Central Perk in my area, a place where I could just catch up with my friends over a cuppa, and listen to some good ol’ "Smelly Cat" - a Phoebe Buffay original.

I’m going to be the bearer of really good news, and break it to you. It’s finally happened! A Friends themed café has made it’s way to Dubai, and it looks waaaay too good to be true!

Cross Cultural Perks Café and Bistro has just opened its doors at the Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa in Al Fahidi and, we might already be in love!

The café is open 24/7, and houses cosy interiors similar to that found in the TV show. The main difference (minus the cast, of course)? It has a slight Emirati twist.

According to the café's website, you can "expect an authentic cultural vibe’,  where you can meet up with friends and indulge in the cafes many healthy dishes, inspired from some of the world's most alluded food nation's - think Italian, American, English and, Emirati. 

Some of the dishes include succulent burgers, pastas, kebabs and, wait for it, camel meat. 

The chic venue features both outdoor and indoor seating. It is also equipped with FREE Wi-Fi, and is fully licensed

Desperately waiting for the weekend so, I can take my entire squad with me! A guaranteed good-time, I tell you.

Where: Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, Al Fahidi, Bur Dubai 
Contact: +971 4 351 9111, website

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