All The Highlights From The Golden Globes

You won’t know whether to laugh or cringe…
All The Highlights From The Golden Globes
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Now, that you know who won the Golden Globes and you’ve seen what all the celebs dressed themselves in last night, it’s time to discuss what really went down last night. We’re talking about who dissed who, who tripped while walking the red carpet, who actually took the flu shot…?


Confused? Don’t worry. You’ll catch on in a second. Grab a snack and a cup of tea, relax and enjoy our recap of the Golden Globes. 

Let’s proceed, shall we?

1. Flu... Shots! Shots! Shots!

Globe hosts, Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, offered free flu shots to the audience mid-ceremony and, it was not well-received, to put it nicely.

2. There Was A 'Shallow' Attempt At An Opening Monologue 

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh's opening monologue was awkward, and definitely had some tasteless jokes (the rest were pretty good though, in our opinion), according to Twitter. Andy came for the 'A Star is Born' actors (Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper) ,and fans were not happy and neither was Gaga by the looks of it.

3. An Indecent Proposal 

When Maya Rudolph and Amy Poelher parodied Glein Weiss' proposal at the Emmy's, few were laughing. Not saying it wasn't funny though.

4. The Iconic 'Fiji Water Girl'

This expert water-bearer appeared in almost all celeb Red Carpet shots and we have to say, we comend her greatly. Not only has she taken a picture with some of the biggest celebs in the biz but, she's also mega-famous and a huge meme rn. 2019 is your year, gurl! 

She inspired some amazing memes. Here's our favourite:

5. It's Never Too Late To Apologize

Sandra Oh was in the midst of a moving speech about how the industry is breaking ground, in terms of more movies having all-Asian casts, when Emma Stone decided to pipe in and apologize for her portrayal of an "Asian" woman in the film 'Aloha' . Watch the video, you can hear her shout "I'm Sorry" off-camera.

6. The Good Name

Jameela Jamil is a British Radio Jockey, but more popularly known for playing the role of Tahani in the American sitcom, 'The Good Place'. In the show, she has an evil twin sister whom she loathes named, Kamilah Al Jamil. Now, bear this in mind while you have a gander as to what E! News called her at the Globes last night.

7. A True Gentleman, Ladies and Gents!

Justin Hartley (from the 'This Is Us' sitcom), being the dream that he is, helps bustle his wife's gown without being told, or asked. All men, please take note!

What a great Globes it was and, we can't wait for the next one. Until then, peeps. 

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