Cosmo’s Guide To Surviving The Overwhelming Pressure Associated With New Year’s Resolutions

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Cosmo’s Guide To Surviving The Overwhelming Pressure Associated With New Year’s Resolutions

Welcoming another year is great. Celebrating the fact that you made it past everything that life threw at you (not going to lie, it seemed like life was really trying my ability to duck in 2018) is a beautiful thing.

What’s not so great are all the catch phrases and overly positive vibes seemingly lurking around. Like I get it, “New Year, new you” – just please be the new you somewhere else.

Now, before you leave – let me explain.

I’m all for positivity. I try to radiate as much of that good stuff as humanly possible. But some people just need to chill their pickle (yes, I’m that old) with all the “this is gonna be my year” guff.

Here’s why – you can make a change whenever you want. It’s that simple. You don’t need to wait for a new year to come to appreciate all that you have and, you certainly don’t need to wait that long to make a massive promise to yourself that you are more than likely not going to keep for more than 20 day.

While I may seem like quite a lovely, positive individual (‘tis a gift, really), I’m coming from a good place. You see, nothing in this life is promised. Time, especially. So, rather than rely on something that may never come, why not focus on the now? You will probably be happier and you might even stick to your New Year’s resolution for once.

Below are three of the resolutions that have graced my ears repeatedly since the clock struck 12 and the sky filled with colour in commemoration of surviving another year without failing entirely. P.S. I’ve added my thoughts on each and provided a slightly more realistic alternative…

“I’m going find love.”


Girl, love is not something that you should look for. It is something that just happens when you least expect it. Rather than look for it, why not embrace it? Love is all around, it’s just up to you to acknowledge it.

Alternative: “I’m going to love myself more.” Can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself first, hommms.

“I’m going to travel the world.”


The entire world, Susan?

Alternative: “I’m going to travel more”. Pick three countries that you absolutely have to see before 2020. That way you aren’t disappointed if you don’t get to see every single itch of the globe.

“I’m going to completely give up carbs.”


Is that even possible. Like, do you not like bread? If so, how?

Alternative: “I’m going to cut down on carbs”. Because giving up every single carb known to man is simply impossible and actually, unhealthy.

I’m going to buy ear plugs now because the lady sitting next to me has started talking about how she’s going to start going to the gym…

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