‘Tis The New Year, And Here Are Some Trends We Hope 2019 Will Leave In Its Dust!

Good riddance and farewell... not
‘Tis The New Year, And Here Are Some Trends We Hope 2019 Will Leave In Its Dust!

2018 saw us through some of the best and worst of times. With the new year now, officially in full swing, we feel it's necessary to highlight some of last year's trends that we hope everyone will neuralize out of their heads, forever! You know, like in Men in Black.


Be gone, terrible, terrible trends. We detest you, immensely. 

1. Flossing

If even ever-so-talented "Jenny From The Block" herself, couldn't make this dance look cool, what hope is there for the rest of you? Please, for the sake of all that is good and remotely cool in this world, let's agree to rid 2019 of this cursed dance move.  


2. Diss Tracks 

Yawn, already. News flash people, not everyone in the world likes getting their dirty laundry aired out like that and, not everyone wants to know about said dirty laundry. Note to all YouTubers partaking in the Diss track trend: we’ve had enough. Yeah, it was funny for a while, but next chapter, please. On a side note, we think this parody on diss tracks is particularly hilar:

3. Transparent Shoes

So, it’s like wearing shoes but also you’re barefoot. Interesting. We don't see the appeal in it, at all. Please, make it stop. 

4. 'thank you, next'

Wait! Before you disown us for mentioning Ariana Grande, hear us out. After the massive success of her single, ‘thank you, next’, the phrase has become super popular. All we’re saying is her new album will be dropping soon so, we should stop overusing the phrase and ruining the essence and purity of the song.

5. The Tide Pod Challenge

This trend was particularly stupid and incredibly moronic, to put it nicely. If you think ingesting a tide pod is wise, we suggest reading a bit more and, maybe seeing someone to talk about why you think that would ever be a good idea. May we all make smarter decisions in the new year. 

6. Teeth/Fur Nails

One word, gross. Like no. Just no. For 2019, let's go back to the basics, yeah? Like cute shades and squiggles. 

7. Air Pods

As if we needed more help losing our headphones. Maybe for 2019, they should come with a "Find my Air Pod" function. Then, maybe. 

8. Fornite

We still don’t get the hype behind this video game which took 2018 by storm and, we honestly don’t want to either. No offense but, it’s played out and we think 2019 will be better off without it.

9. "Weird Flex, But Ok"

This is just one of the many sayings that came from 2018. Another was "Yeet", a word to express excitement (because simply saying "I'm excited" would just be utter madness). Coming up with phrases like thess needs to stop, because we really can't spend another 20 minutes trying to decipher what a single-lined text means... 

Here's to smarter choices in 2019! 

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