Meet Our Cosmo Guy - Jason Momoa

A quick chat with one of the hottest guys in the industry right now
Meet Our Cosmo Guy - Jason Momoa

The Game of Thrones alum goes full superhero in Aquaman ! Just wait till you see his legendary abs underwater....

Long Hair, Don’t Care

“There are enough pretty guys who are groomed. I had to cut my hair once. I was bummed, and my wife [Lisa Bonet] was like, ‘If you ever cut your hair again, I’m leaving you.’ She was joking, but she does have a thing for long hair.”

Love at First Sight

“Oh, I was like a little kid [when I met Lisa]. She has the fireworks. That was 13 years ago. I’m very lucky. She loves me, she makes me grow, we learn together, we support each other, and we’re foolish and playful.”

Naked Ambition

“I’m comfortable not wearing clothes. I like rock climbing without a shirt on. It’s a little challenging when I go to the gym and people take pictures—but I’m not too self-conscious about it.”

Dressed Down

“Some asshole in the street just called me the best worst dresser in the world. It’s a style, I guess. Very rustic. But now I’m going to premieres, and when you’re grown-up, you put a suit on. So my mother is very happy.”

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