Proof That Strawberry-Blonde Hair Is 2019's Biggest Trend

I see you, Emma Stone
Proof That Strawberry-Blonde Hair Is 2019's Biggest Trend
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It's no secret that with every new year comes a fresh set of hair-color trends (and a fresh set of failed resolutions, but hey). And as we approach 2019, you can expect to see a spike in rich, strawberry-blonde hues—i.e. the only bright light in this dark, gloomy season. So before the new year's prettiest shade grows dim, get inspired to try it at home with one of these seven celebrity takes, ahead.

1. Classic Strawberry Blonde


Though Emma Stone consistently experiments with a variety of red and blonde tones, she always seems to circle back to her classic strawberry-blonde hue. Make like the actor and emphasize your shade with peach-toned eyeshadow and blush.

2. Deep Ginger


Though Kate Bosworth is best known for her white-blonde hair, the actor jumped in the redhead arena with a rich, gingery hue this season—and we certainly aren't mad about it. Complement the shade with a set of contrasting brows.

3. Contrasting Roots


Beyoncé's shade is the perfect mix of rich copper and creamy strawberry. Dark, contrasting roots give this hue a bit of dimension (and makes the grow-out phase that much easier).

4. White-Hued Strawberry


Nicole Kidman constantly teeters between red (her natural shade) and true-blonde hues, but she often lands on a soft strawberry with white, creamy undertones. And for good reason: The slight hint of pink is just enough to warm up ultra-pale skin tones.

5. Strawberry Honey


This shade blends subtle, strawberry undertones with all-over honey-blonde hues. Gigi Hadid first debuted the shade in 2016, though it's just now gaining serious momentum as a hair color to watch.

6. Copper Undertones


Blake Lively, a time-and-tested blonde, briefly experimented with this red-toned hue in 2011. Ideal for blondes looking to add just a touch of copper to their already-light hair, this shade only reads red in direct sunlight.

7. Strawberry-Blonde Highlights


Adele's strawberry-blonde shade is topped off with a fresh set of face-framing highlights. The white-blonde pieces offer an added level of dimension and shine to keep complexions from looking washed out.

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