Here Are 5 Legit Excuses to Skip a Workout

Nope, none of them include not wanting too...
Here Are 5 Legit Excuses to Skip a Workout

You know exercise is good for your bod, stress level, and overall health – not to mention a solid reason to put on stretchy pants. But on some days, it may actually be better to wear those leggings...back to bed. For real tho. With the season of holiday parties officially here, we bring you Cosmo’s shame-free list of ­reasons to count running late as your workout of the day.

Excuse 1 - You’re Dehydrated


If you’re just a little dehydrated, a light workout can flood you with feel-good endorphins and spur you to drink more fluids. But if your heart is beating fast or you’re dizzy, don’t be a hero. Dehydration can cause you to pass out, says Cordelia W. Carter, MD, director of the Women’s Sports Medicine Center at NYU’s Langone Health. In either case, sip an ­electrolyte-packed sports beverage or coconut H2O.

Excuse 2 - You’re Super Sore


Can hardly get up from the ­toilet seat after leg day? Don’t push it. ­Soreness ­usually peaks 24 to 48 hours post-sweat, as the micro ­damage in your muscles heals, says ­Leonidas ­Scantalides, a ­physical therapist and orthopedic clinical ­specialist in New York City. A day of rest plus some stretching or walking will help repair your muscles and make them stronger.

Excuse 3 - You Got Your Period


Working out ­during Shark Week can help ease period cramps. But up to 5 percent of women actually develop iron-deficiency ­anemia during their period –you might feel light-headed, tired, and/or weak – thanks to a heavy flow (fun!). If that’s you, consider taking the week off, says Dr. Carter. And don’t forget to ask your doc if you need an iron supplement.

Excuse 4 - You Have a Fever


While some research shows that breaking a light sweat while sick with a cold can help boost your immune system, fever ­(anything higher than 100.4) and flulike ­symptoms (aka body aches, chills) are signs that your bod needs its energy to recover, says ­Scantalides. Also, you could infect your whole yoga class (for up to a week). Namastay-home!

Excuse 5 - You’re Sooo Tired


When you’re sleep deprived, even a light workout can be detrimental, says Scantalides. That’s because ­getting fewer than five hours of zzz’s can impact your ­cardiovascular ­system, ­raising your blood ­pressure and heart rate and ­slowing your breathing, which deprives your bod of oxygen. ­Translation: You’ll be tapped out before you even get on the ­dreadmill. Meet your new motto: “Sleep is definitely more important than working out,” says Scantalides.

Worst. Excuse. Ever. The least legit reasons readers have used to bail on exercising…

“I need to shave.”

— Renee G., 33

Cosmo Score for Originality: 2/5 

“Taking a ­second shower today would totally dry out my skin.”

— Diane  C., 37

Cosmo Score for Originality: 1/5 

“I don’t want to ruin my spray tan.”

— Lauren M., 34

Cosmo Score for Originality: 3/5 

“My internet is down, so there’s no Netflix to watch while working out.”

— Miranda C., 32

Cosmo Score for Originality: 1/5

“I’m out of shampoo.”

— Ashley O., 28

Cosmo Score for Originality:

"I have to take care of my friend's goldfish."

 — Roxanne W., 28 

Cosmo Score for Originality: 4/5 

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