This Is The Festive Playlist You’ve All Been Waiting For!

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas...
This Is The Festive Playlist You’ve All Been Waiting For!

Are you even doing Christmas right, if you don’t have the perfect set of holly jolly tunes to get you through the holiday season? Don’t worry if you don’t because, we've got your back. Also, it's the middle of December, what have you even been listening to all this time, you nut? 

...Sorry, this season gets me a little worked up and, I tend to take it personally when people don't match my level of excitement for Christmas. 


We’re not anything if not music experts here at Cosmo so, sit back, relax and, give our Ho Ho Ho-lidayPlaylist a listen. It's bound to get you all ready to deck the halls and rock around the Christmas tree. We guarantee you’ll be bopping, jamming, shimmying and singing along to one, if not all of them.

1. 'Santa Tell Me' by Ariana Grande

Ariana sings all the right words in this boppy Christmas tune about wanting someone to snuggle with during the holidays. 

2. 'Mistletoe' by Justin Bieber

Can you honestly have a Christmas playlist without this jam? 'Course not, said every girl ever, after being floored within the first second of hearing this sweet song. 

3. 'All I Want For Christmas' by Mariah Carey

This classic jingle somehow seems to get better as the years pass by. We're not complaining and are totally blasting it on our speakers 24/7!

4. 'It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas' by Michael Bublé

Christmas isn't complete without Michael Bublé singing to us, is it?

5. 'Merry Christmas Eveyrone' by Shakin' Stevens

This song is just super nostalgic and summarises every holiday emotion. Merry Christmas everyone! 

6. 'Baby It's Cold Outside' by Idina Menzel Ft. Michael Bublé

Yes, it's Michael Bublé again. This Christmas due is just the cutest and you can try and stop me from singing both parts to myself in front of the mirror, but you will fail miserably. 

7. 'Underneath The Mistletoe' by Sia

This isn't your classic seasonal track but does that stop Sia from totally making our playlist? Definitely not. This song is everything. 

8. 'Christmas In Dixie' by Alabama

Have you heard a song so beautifully sweet and thought, "Wow this song literally sounds like warm honey"? No? Just me? Well, this song is warm honey, people. Just listen...

9. 'This Christmas' by Chris Brown

Who said Christmas can't be cool too? Jam out to Chris Brown this holiday season, as well. 

10. 'Jingle Bells' by Boney M

And ofc, this classic that everyone (literally EVERYone) knows the words to, had to be the grand finale of our playlist. 

Happy Holidays everyone and dont't forget to be kind to one another! 

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