You Gave Us Your Definitions of the ‘Perfect Bachelor’

And we can't help but concur…
You Gave Us Your Definitions of the ‘Perfect Bachelor’

With the Cosmopolitan Middle East ‘Bachelor Of The Year’ awards hot on our trails, we’re very curious as to what our readers deem the "perfect bachelor".

Is he someone who is an expert in the kitchen and can whip up your fave comfort food or some delish breakfast in bed?


Or is he someone who comes up with the perfect caption for that cute picture you’ve been wanting to post on Instagram for the last two days now? You know, someone who takes care of the important stuff for you...


We left it up to you to describe your ideal guy and here’s what you had to say;

Mr. Balance

Bachelor Definitions

Mr. Sensitive

The Perfect Bachelor

Mr. "You're Perfect Just The Way You Are"

Perfect Bachelor

Mr. Funny Guy

Bachelor of the year

Mr. Respectful

Cosmo Bachelor

After rigorous debate, we settled on our grand winner:

Mr. Perfect

Cosmo Bachelor Awards

It all goes down tonight! Cosmo's Bachelor Of The Year Awards 2018. See you there, invitees! And may, the best man win...

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