Exclusive Interview: Team Cosmo Get To Know The Power Duo Behind The Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

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Exclusive Interview: Team Cosmo Get To Know The Power Duo Behind The Real Techniques Makeup Brushes
Real Techniques

Every makeup lover is familiar with the Real Techniques brand, and I’m obsessed with them to say the very least. I hoard their brushes like crazy and I’m not the only one. This world-renowned brand is recommended by beauty gurus and professional makeup artist all over the globe. That should tell you a little something.

The brushes are worth all the hype and more because let me tell you, the quality is unreal. They’re incredibly soft, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and best of all, super affordable. What more could you want from a makeup brush? The Real Techniques squad consist of the masterminds Samantha and Nicola Chapman. Yeah, it’s a family business. How cute is that? They also have their own YouTube channel, Pixiwoo, where they upload videos on the latest beauty trends. Talk about slaying the beauty game on all fronts!

Read on for Q&A I had with the Chapman sisters about everything beauty-related and more…
P.S. Insider info about the next big make-up trend coming up

Q: What inspired you to get into makeup?

Nicola & Samantha: It’s not a business we had planned to get into, but having being around our Mom (Judy Chapman), who was really quite a famous make-up artist in the 70s and 80s. She had been a model and later on got into make-up.
At the time, she was one of the first make-up artists.  She took us along with her to shoots when we were young, we would just be there in the background, cleaning her brushes, watching and it just looks really really glamorous, so we just followed in her footsteps. We didn’t realise it was hard work till we first started.

Q: What is your favourite make-up trend right now? and your least favourite?

N: My favourite make-up trend is glass skin.  Like really beautiful polished glass skin that doesn’t necessarily look like you’ve got anything on. It just looks like you have skin as a reflection of perfection.

S: I love freckles. I’m really into freckles and people using make-up to create freckles on top of kind of fresh healthy glowing skin. Freckles are actually super youthful, they make you look a lot younger. I love to see that. It’s quite refreshing because it’s a complete contradiction to the make-up we’ve been seeing for years and years.

Q: Is there someone that you would most like to collaborate with? A make-up maven or beauty blogger? 

N: I’d like to do something with Victoria Beckham, coz I think she’s great, she’s really really cool and good fun.

S: I would like to do something with Katie Jane Hughes, I feel we do quite similar styles of make-up. I also like Lottie Stannard, she’s a really great make-up artist.

Q: Which decade’s beauty looks do you like the most?

N: I like the 90s. It was all of it, it was perfection and all inclusive of previous decade trends.

S: I love everything about the 70s – I just love the styling, I love the shimmer, I love the glitter, the disco, I love the roller-skates, everything about the 70s I love.

Q: What was the first beauty product you ever bought?

N: Max Factor Foundation and it was far too dark for me. It was orange actually and it was in a stick.

S: A Foundation by Rimmel. The color was pale biscuit. I would never forget the name.

Q: What are five make-up products that every girl should have in her bag?

Both: Concealer, SPF, Lip Balm and Powder and Mascara (DUH).


Q: What beauty routine do you recommend for girls on the go?

N: I tend to go for things that are two in one if I’m in a rush. I will get a lip and cheek balm, so it can be used on my cheeks but also on my lips, and then a good Mascara and you’re away.

S: A beauty routine that’s quick, I would say, powder foundation. Powder foundation is such a winner because it will take the place of a foundation and a powder. You can do it anywhere, all you need is a real techniques brush to do it with.

Q: Which brushes do you recommend for a make-up beginner?

S: Real Techniques brushes – all combined in one pack of essentials. They can be used for multiple things, they are synthetic so you can use them for cream, powders and liquids. There’s nothing you can’t do with those, they are also not porous so they can’t soak in any product.

Q: If you could only use 3 make-up/ beauty products for the rest of your life, what would they be?

N: Concealer, Mascara, Bronzer

S: I would do, Mascara, Lip balm, concealer. But I am not sure, if I can live without an SPF.

Q: The Spice Girls have just announced a reunion tour, do you have a favourite?

N: Victoria Beckham and Gerri Halliwell

S: Victoria Beckham. Growing up she wasn’t my favourite but I later on got to like her from the work she’s done, she’s amazing.


The Real techniques brushes are available online at Lookfantastic AE, Selfridges and in Centerpoint stores. Make sure to try them out!

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