FOREO’s UFO Smart Mask Technology Will Switch Up Your Skincare Game Forever

All in a matter of 90 seconds…
FOREO’s UFO Smart Mask Technology Will Switch Up Your Skincare Game Forever

We’re always on the lookout for skin-savers, you know the ones that give us that movie star glow and a fresh-faced complexion? Yeah, we've tried every product, device, remedy and now, we think, that we've finally found the answer.

*Clears throat*

Introducing FOREO’s UFO Smart Mask Treatment (The UFO stands for Ur Future Obsession) and, upon conducting further analysis on this revolutionary skin must-have, we have to concur. This is a smart masking device that provides multiple skin treatments all rolled into one and improves the effectiveness of sheet masks.

The Magic Involved

The device combines LED lights, thermo and cryo-therapy and, T-Sonic pulsations with the special sheet masks designed for FOREO by Korean beauty experts to give you an out-of-this-world treatment. I don't know about you but this is something my skin never knew it needed.


We had the amazing opportunity to try out the FOREO UFO smart mask, and can we just say, woooow. We’re obsessed with this tiny gem. Its skin-perfecting tech is just what the dermatologist prescribed.

Usually it takes me a good ten minutes (which feels like eternity in girl time) to properly place the sheet  mask. Born with an incredibly tiny face, it’s always been a struggle getting the sheet to align correctly with my microscopic features. However, when I used the FOREO UFO device, it was no longer an issue. All I had to do was place the mask on the device and, I was good to go. It perfectly fit into my palm and could easily be maneuvered over my face. No longer did I have to be insecure over my pea-sized face. It was great.

Q. What makes it different?

First, let’s discuss their wonderful range of masks, shall we? The masks are manufactured using the amazing Korean formula, and they take care of all your skin woes. They have everything from hydrating masks, to masks for oily skin as well as dry skin. There’s something for everyone. I tried the ‘Make My Day’ and ‘Call It A Night’ mask treatments utilising the UFO device and I have nothing but praise for them both! My skin has never looked and felt healthier.

FOREO’s UFO device combines the latest Swedish beauty tech and Koran mask expertise and, the effects were evident on my face after only the first use.
The best part? For a restless person like me, I loved the fact that this treatment only took 90 seconds. Quick and easy with very efficient results. I would definitely recommend this to all you ladies.

Q. How to use it?

All I had to do was attach the UFO mask to the device, and secure it with the clear FOREO ring. Then, I download the FOREO app and let it guide me through the stages. I loved being in control and taking my skincare regime into my own hands. There’s something very empowering about this device and I’m so here for it. The treatment makes use of Hyper-Infusion technologies, and it was a very relaxing feeling, I’ll have you know.

As I massaged the product onto my face through moving the device, evenly spreading around the ingredients from the mask, the device gradually heated up and cooled down, as well as pulsated. This ensured that my skin absorbed the ingredients properly, and the mask had maximum impact. Did I mention it felt like a dream? I've never had a facial so good, and to think it was self-administered. All my independent ladies, gather 'round.

How to Use the FOREO 'For You' app with the UFO Smart Mask Treatment:

Step 1: Remove attachment ring from UFO device


Step 2: Add a UFO smart mask on the device and return the attachment ring back


Step 3: Hold the button for 5 seconds to connect with the App


Step 4: Synchronize FOREO 'For You' app with the UFO


Step 5: Scan the mask and start your treatment


It may sound a bit complicated at first, but give these photos a quick watch and everything will seem super easy!

Q. What were the results I observed?

My skin generally felt smoother and suppler. I was sporting a healthy glow post-UFO and it gave me this renowned sense of confidence. I’ve never been the kind of girl to rock the no-makeup look in public, but the day I tried out the UFO device, I did. Let me tell you, it was super refreshing. I definitely recommend this device for an at-home flawless face mask treatment with instantaneous results. It is so worth the splurge.

How To Get Your Own:

You can purchase your very own UFO device from Sephora for Dhs1,450.

The fee includes:

  • A Two-Year Warranty
  • A 10-year quality guarantee

If perfectly healthy skin is what you're after, this is the device for you.