The Most Popular Word of 2018 Has Been Revealed

How many times have you said it?
The Most Popular Word of 2018 Has Been Revealed

If I were to ask you what word you used the most this year, what would it be? Mine would be “nope” – it’s effective and a lot nicer than “no” – I feel. For example: “Kate, can you go to the opposite end of the Earth and get me an eraser?” Nope – see nicer.

Enough about me, this article is about you and, how Collin’s Dictionary have named the word of the year and it’s *drum roll, please* single-use.

That’s right my friends, single-use is the word of 2018.

Collins’s lexicographers (fancy word right there, which means “a person who compiles dictionaries”) stated that the word is now used more than ever in an attempt to reduce the effect of plastic on the environment, which is great.

Other popular words of 2018 included:

Vegan: Folks who don’t eat meat or any animal products such as butter, milk or cheese.

Fun Fact: I tried being vegan earlier this year. It was going pretty well until someone offered me a Cadbury’s chocolate. I haven’t looked since.

Floss: The act of using a special kind of string to clean between your teeth and gums. Not the silly dance created this year – but is probably the reason why the word has peaked this year.

VAR – Video Assistant Referee: A unit of reactive power of an alternating current, equal to the product of the current measured in amperes and the voltage measured in volts. Long story short – the device that crushed a lot of dreams this past FIFA World Cup.

I still think that “nope” should have been one. If not nope then “maybe”.

I’m gonna write the peeps at Collin’s Dictionary a letter asking for it to be included in 2019. If they say “nope” that would legit make my life.

Will keep you posted, fam!

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