Discover Secret Garden By L’ETO

Spring might be here sooner than you think
Discover Secret Garden By L’ETO

Most of us desert dwellers (myself included) have a love-hate relationship with the hustle and bustle of the city and, we can't help but crave a sweet escape to a garden paradise for our lunch break and make it back to the office, all calm and serene.  Sounds like an absolute dream doesn't it? The best part is it's all possible and you don't have to look any further than City Walk because that’s where you’ll find Secret Garden, a floral paradise that is seemingly far far away from all your worries.

It’s always spring at Secret Garden and this spot just screams Instagramable! Their beautiful new concept is a far cry from your regular café haunts and is nothing short of breath-taking. You’ll find yourself being transported to a relaxing garden-esque atmosphere that is so enchanting that you’ll find all your problems melting away. Stress? I don’t even know what that is anymore.

With stunning flower installations that adorn every nook and corner, you’ll definitely be mesmerized by how seriously this cute spot takes their botanical theme. The floral café is impressive in itself but their innovative menu is the real crowd-pleaser!

A treat for all the foodies, the urban café offers over 40 varieties of cakes and decadent desserts to choose from, as well as deliciously fruity mocktails (Sshh some of them are a secret!) and their very own signature drinks and artisan coffees. Indulge in some scrumptious desserts such as the Baked Banana Meringue Tart, Chocolate Blueberry Figs Pavlova and Raspberry Hazelnut Lychee Rose Delice that will bring your sweet tooth to life! We recommend trying out the wonderfully delicious combo of the Dulcet Nougat Cake and Marhaba which is simply a match made in heaven.

Come winter, the enitrely transformable space will turn into an alfresco dining, garden retreat. Brunches in a beautiful flower-ful garden? We’re in!

Unforgettable picture perfect moments, a gorgeous ambience and food that’s waaaaay too pretty eat (Dw, we'll devour them after taking pictures for the’gram) are only some of the many delights this café has to offer. Secret Garden is heart set to be your next favourite brunch or hangout spot and we promise you’ll have a hard time leaving.

Secret Garden
City Walk, Dubai
When:Everyday, 10am - 12am
Contact: website

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