Can We Just Take A Min To Talk About How We’re Totally Obsessed With These Make-Up Studio Products?

Some real beauty must-haves right here
Can We Just Take A Min To Talk About How We’re Totally Obsessed With These Make-Up Studio Products?

We’re always on the lookout for the latest make-up products to amp up our beauty game, because our make-up crazy hearts really just can never get enough. 

You ready for our latest obsession? Make-up Studio. The Dutch company embraces uniqueness and, we absolutely love it. It celebrates mixing and matching make-up to create your very own individual look and, that is exactly why we just can’t get enough of them.

Here are our top picks of their products:

Precise Eyeliner Pen, Dhs94

Make-Up Studio

Who doesn’t love a winged cat eye? It’s just what you need to take your look from ‘office casual’ to ‘glam chic’. The only struggle is getting your wing right. With Make-Up Studio’s Precise Eyeliner, you can nail that pesky liner every time, as the needle-tin tip allows for precise application and guarantees a superb feline flick! We love. 

Mascara 4D Lash Effect, Dhs116

Make-Up Studio

Everyone wants that full lash effect, but applying false lashes every time you want to hit the town can be super exhausting. Well not anymore, because with Make-Up Studio’s 4D Lash Effect Mascara, your lashes get the lift and added volume they need with minimal effort. We’ll take ten.

Durable Lip contour , Dhs138

Make-Up Studio

Are you trying to master that luscious lip look that the Kardashians are always sporting? These lip contour sticks are here to  help you get just that. Its creamy formula glides on your lips to shape your pucker expertly and help make your lipstick application look absolutely flawless.

Shimmer Effect, Dhs94

Make-Up Studio

We love this glowy formula, which is also super versatile. It can be used on its own for selective highlighting or it can be mixed in with your foundation for an all-round glow. 

Lumière Highlighting Powder in the shade Sugar Rose, Dhs144

Make-Up Studio

This isn’t your average highlighting powder. Its silky soft pink hue is just what you need to get that rosy-cheeked, girl-next-door look. Give your face that pink-y glow with this fabulous creation by Make-Up Studio. Trust us, you will love it. 

Need help perfecting your festive look? The video below is here to help. 

The full Make-Up Studio beauty collection is available at Makeup Studio Professional Amsterdam, Perfumery & Co. Level 2, Fashion Mall Avenue, Dubai Mall. Facebook, Instagram, +9714 331 7539, email: