These Are The Spots That Every Ice Cream Fan Should Have On Their Bucket List

We all scream for ice-cream!
These Are The Spots That Every Ice Cream Fan Should Have On Their Bucket List

Summer might be over (well, not entirely, we’re still in the UAE after all). But, that doesn’t mean that I’m bidding goodbye to ice cream anytime soon. Call me crazy but I can never tire of heavenly dessert, no matter the season.

Let’s face it, Dubai is a pretty hot city. And, we all turn to ice-cream to get our frozen fix. Just step outside and, you’ll see the streets and malls crawling with cute little ice-cream spots. The many flavours make choosing the right treat that much harder, too. We’re talking gelatos, Turkish cones, candy laden ice creams and so much more. And, while a Baskin Robbins or Coldstone might be your usual haunt, there’s a ton of other dessert spots calling out your name.

Here’s the scoop on some of our favourite ice cream places in town:

1) Wanna Banana

If you love bananas and all things healthy, this dairy free ice-cream is going to be your next, new obsession. Made entirely out of frozen bananas, you get to take your pick from three creamy blends and bid goodbye to your post-dessert guilt for good. For toppings, you can choose from a wide range of healthy goodness such as almond flakes, chia seeds, pomegranate seeds, and blueberries, or my personal favourite, peanut butter. Delicious. 
Where: Kite Beach, Umm Suqeim
Contact: +971 56 466 9618, website

2) Amorino

This spot is great for those looking for that perfect Instagram dessert shot. The artisanal rose-shaped Italian gelato has taken over Instagram and, is the definition of la dolce vita. Combine multiple flavours such as Coconut, Pistachio and Dulce de Leche to your liking, to get the perfect flower cone. The gelatos and sorbets are absolutely divine and we just can’t get enough. Added bonus? Everything is organic with zero artificial flavourings or colourings. Drools. 
Where: Dubai Design District and City Walk Dubai
Contact: +971 4 557 5084, website

3)  Unicorn Vibes

Who doesn’t want to be a fabulous unicorn?  The colourful waffle cones and ice cream sandwiches are a sight to behold and their flavours are so extra that you’ll love them. The Unicorn ice cream is clearly the star but other flavours like ‘Cookie Monster’, ‘Sour Widow’ and ‘Arab Much’ are truly out of this world, too.
Where: The Vogue building, Business Bay
Contact: 971 50 555 0352, website

4) Serendipity 3

The iconic New York eatery is a celebrity favourite (Kylie Jenner, Zac Efron and Scott Disick are just a few of the A-listers that love the brand) and every dessert fanatic’s dream come true. Their decadent ice creams are nothing short of Ah-ma-zing and, if you’ve tried one of their mouth-watering sundaes, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Indulge in some refreshing ice cream time amongst the whimsical surroundings. Your sweet tooth will thank us later. 
Where: Serendipity3, City Walk, Al Safa
Contact: +971 4 394 9672, website

5) Grom

With an international reputation for fantastic sorbets and gelatos, Grom is one place that never disappoints and, is sure to transport you to the charming streets of Italy. A far cry from traditional, their inventive flavours such as Tiramisu and Mandarin, along with their equally delicious toppings will jazz up your cone well. 
Where: Grom, BoxPark, Al Wasl Road
Contact: +971 4 344 5574, website

6) Milkcow

South Korean concept, Milkcow serves only one flavour of ice-cream but it’s so good that the lack of different options doesn’t really matter. A league of it’s own, the soft serve milky vanilla is scooped up in 14 different ways, with a variety of exciting toppings and syrups that are simply too good to be true, these include the 100 percent natural honeycomb and the freshly made macaroons as well as candy floss and jelly beans. Now do you get what I mean when I said that the lack of flavour options don't matter. 
Where: Milkcow, Grand Trident Mall, JBR
Contact: +971 4 456 9988, website

7) Kulfilicious

You don’t have to hop on a plane to Mumbai to eat some great kulfi. Instead, just make your way to Kulfilicious, a stunning creamery that specializes in the South Asian dessert. For those who don't know, kulfi is the Indian spin on ice-cream but just as delicious. The frozen dessert has a sweet, nutty taste to it and, is made from caramelised milk. While it tastes great when eaten from a bowl with a side portion of fruit, eating it on the stick is the way to go. With flavours like saffron, pistachio, mango and more, there’s something to fill every sweet tooth, while getting great bang for your buck. 
Where: Kulfilicious, multiple locations, Dubai
Contact: +971 4 255 8996, website

8) Ice Cream Lab

Have you ever walked past The Dubai Mall food court and seen that really cool ice cream shop which uses liquid nitrogen to make their ice-cream? Yeah? That's Ice Cream Lab. Aside from getting a great show, you can choose from the many innovative flavours and indulge in some guiltless yet scrumptious organic ice cream. Flavours like Rodeo Road and Lotus Experiment have us in complete awe. 
Where: Ice Cream Lab, The Dubai Mall
Contact: +971 4 330 8831, website

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