4 Great Asian Restaurants To Try In Dubai

These hidden gems are not your regular take-out
4 Great Asian Restaurants To Try In Dubai

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a limbo with your boo, when deciding where to go eat? We know we have. We still have "No, you pick" ringing in our heads, everytime someone even brings up the word 'dinner'. Here's my general reaction to people asking me where I want to eat, all summed up in one GIF:


Don't worry, my fellow indecisive eaters because, we've found the perfect guide for you. We've rounded up the must visit Asian foodie spots in Dubai for a unique dining experience! 

Feast you eyes on our complete guide to dining Asian for every occasion:

1. Wokyo

The Japanese street style noodle bar lets you customize your own noodle dish: you get to pick one of their home made sauces, type of noodle/base, protein and add ons. Plus, they have some super delish, authentic Japanese snacks! My absolute fav are the lotus root crisps, they're an absolute must when going there. You need to try their Japanese soda drink called “Ramune”. It's actually life-altering, scout's honour. This place exudes a unique and homely atmosphere and houses the nicest members of staff you’ll ever meet. There are board games and origami papers scattered all over, so a great pick for a casual lunch date!

Must Try: Ramune and Lotus Root crisps 


Where: Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, Cluster J, J2 Building
Contact: website

2. Yellow Monkey

Welcome to the hipster resto of your dreams! From monkey wall graffiti to rope dancing monkey shades and swinging chairs! Yes you read that right, SWINGING CHAIRS, this place is tots bananas and we are loving it!
The food is just as amazing and adventures as the interior design. The yellow Monkey takes you on a culinary journey throughout South East Asia: From Chinese steam dumplings as appetizers, Malay Nasi Goreng as main and Pilipino inspired desserts (just to name a few of the yummies on their menu). Try the “Macaroon Me” for a chocolat-y ice cream tower that’ll get you drooling. Chocolate chip cookie dough, self-made salted caramel ice cream and steaming brownies all sandwiched between two oversized choc macaroons, do I need to say more? We’ll have two.

Must Try: Macaroon Me

Where: Jumeirah Beach Residence, Murjan 5, Ground Floor, Dubai
Contact: website

3. Din Tai Fung

If you want to experience authentic Chinese street food, then this place is an absolute must! Din Tai Fung is one of the most popular restos in all of China and Taiwan, the waiting list to get a table there can take up to 5 DAYS! So consider yourself lucky, because this Asian gem is comfortably located on the top floor of Mall of the Emirates and has an average waiting time of only 30 min to one hour. Believe me it sounds a lot more than it is, time flies by at malls. Din Tai Fung’s staple? The new foodie trend that’s taking over Instagram: Xiao Long Bao (pronounced shau lon’ bao). Those are tasty lil’ noddle bag of happiness filled with meat and soup! This place is so amazing it even has a Michelin star, but we promise it won't break your bank account!

Must Try: Xiao Long Bao and Sezchuan Vegetable Wonton

Where: Mall of the Emirates, Top Floor, next to the Cinema, Dubai
Contact: website

4. Xiao Wei Yang

Insider tip: The Xiao Wei Yang aka Little Lamb resto serves Shabu Shabu or Xabu Xabu. Never heard of it? Then get ready to be introduced to you new fav Asian dining experience! Shabu Shabu is a cult dish for the winter season throughout Japan, Korea and China, and now you can try it to. What is it? So, it consists of a huge bowl of soup that is being cooked on your table right in front of you. You get to choose your type of broth, then pick all the items that you want to have in your soup, there is a wide selection from noodles, veggies, meats and even seafood! Just keep on adding them in, one by one, and watch as your dish is coming together. It is so much fun and perfect for large groups of friends! Be prepared for hours of delish food, fun and happy bellies.

Must Try: Literally everything, go on and knock yourself out on all your fav ingredients. The more the merrier!

Where: Al Falea St, JBR, Royal Oceanic shop 7, Dubai
Contact: website

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