Victoria’s Secret PINK Selfie Skin All-Stars

Want to get that purrfect glow? Victoria’s Secret PINK’s awesome new range is just what you need
Victoria’s Secret PINK Selfie Skin All-Stars
VS Pink

We’ve tried, tested and are absolutely in love with these awesome products from the Victoria’s Secret PINK beauty collection. Not only do they look and feel good, they’ve transformed our skin from dull to sparkling fabulous.


Coconut has proven superpowers. Score glowing skin everyday with these skin-loving products infused with its goodness.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Coconut Sheet Mask, Dhs30

VS Pink - PINK Coconut Sheet Mask

Infused with this magical oil, this super hydrating mask gives your skin all the love without any of the grease. Easy to use and affordable, it’s a total winner in our books.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Coconut Scrub Down Coconut Oil, Dhs95

VS Pink - PINK Coconut Scrub Down Coconut Oil

With a little bit of sugar and a lot of coconut, this delicious scrub is made for all-round satin smooth perfection.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Mega Moisture Coconut Oil Foam, Dhs85

VS Pink Products - Mega Moisture Coconut Oil Foam
We’re obsessed with this for a bunch of reasons: It’s portable, hydrating and is light, soft and totally non-greasy. And it’s actual oil!


Not only do these bath bombs look good enough to eat, they’re instant full body refreshers. Dig in!

Victoria’s Secret PINK Meltdown Popsicle Bath Bomb, Dhs30

Vs Pink - PINK Meltdown Popsicle Bath Bomb

Popsicle-inspired and infused with Shea butter goodness, this fun filled fizz bomb is just what the skin doc ordered.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Donut Bath Bomb, Dhs30

VS Pink - Donut Bath Bomb

This delish bomb makes your skin just as delish as it looks. ‘Nough said.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Island Sugarcane Bath Bomb, Dhs30

VS Pink - PINK Island Sugarcane Bath Bomb

With swirly pops of colour and Shea butter magic, this cute lil’ bath bomb is aww-worthy and sweet.

The full beauty collection available at and at Victoria’s Secret PINK stores across the GCC