Cosmo's Guy Crush: Henry Golding

Hold still your beating hearts, ladies!
Cosmo's Guy Crush: Henry Golding
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Team Cosmo's Current Guy Crush

The former travel-show host has hit the big screen, upping the swoon factor in Crazy Rich Asians and the stylish thriller A Simple Favor (September 14). Here, we sit down with the celeb hunk, Henry Golding, and touch base on some key topics. Hear it from the dreamboat himself;

Leading Ladies’ Man

Crazy Rich Asians and A Simple Favor were each a master class in filmmaking, and I had so much fun working with all my co-stars. Constance Wu is so dedicated, Anna Kendrick is ridiculously funny, and Blake Lively is magnetic.”

Meeting the Parents

“Luckily, I haven’t met any dragons like Eleanor Young [in Crazy Rich Asians]. I get along so well with my wife’s mom. But if you’re up against a tough crowd, be yourself…and do your research! Do they like cooking and traveling? Focus on what you have in common.”

Food, Travel, or...?

“If I have to choose one, it’s gonna be food. I just couldn’t live without other cultures’ cuisines. And food and fun sometimes go hand in hand, so....”

Smoke Show

“If I could go back and give my single self some advice, I’d say to read up on some proper game! There was no Tinder or Bumble, so I had to approach women in clubs or bars. Back then, London had just started its smoking ban. When girls went outside for a cigarette, I’d pretend to smoke too, just so I could chat with them. Not too sensible, but it worked a couple of times!”

Stay beautiful Henry, and it was a pleasure chatting with you! 

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