5 Beauty Products That Every Girl In University Should Have In Her Backpack

Look fab while studying hard!
5 Beauty Products That Every Girl In University Should Have In Her Backpack

There’s absolutely nothing like university life. You’re almost an adult but not quite. There are amazing memories and good times made and had and there's tons to look forward to. It's a magical time, really. 

But while Hollywood paints a rather glamorous picture of college life, we all know that that image is not entirely true - there’s no way we’re going to look like a model off-the runway with all the exams to cram for and hundreds of clubs to participate in... There’s barely any space in your bag for a full-fledged make-up bag, let alone an elaborate skin care routine. That said, a few essentials can go a long way, a REALLY long way.

So, to help you on your path to being the best you that you can be, we've shortlisted five great beauty products that are sure to leave you looking fresh and alert.

PS. We believe in you girl. You got this. 

Right, let's begin...

1) BB Cream

                                     Maybelline BB Cream

Want that ‘I woke up like this’ no-makeup look? If so, you’re going to want to ditch the heavy foundations and opt for a more natural look with lighter coverage. BB cream is the perfect alternative, as not only does it hydrate and cover considerably, it also treats (moisturizes and primes) and protects (SPF) your skin as well. 
Cosmo recommends: Maybelline New York Dream BB Cream

2) Lip Tint

Benefit Benetint

Adding just a little colour to your lips and cheek can make you look more put-together, without it looking like you're trying too hard. However, carrying a lipstick and blush is a hassle that most college students tend to avoid. Instead, carry a product that can be both. Lip tints are currently all the rage in East Asia and, we’re starting to see why. What's more is the moisturizing tint also acts as lip balm, which helps treat and prevent chapped lips. 
Cosmo recommends: Benefit Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Stain

3) Make-up Remover Wipes

Neutrogena Makeup Wipes

Taking off your makeup is probably the bane of your existence after a long day of uni, especially when you could be in bed getting some much needed Z’s. Fortunately, makeup wipes are here to help make that process a bit easier and, quicker. Apart from being super easy to use and effective in taking off even the heaviest of beauty products, wipes also act as moisturizers so, you need not worry about drying out your skin and missing out on some skincare love.
Cosmo recommends: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

4) Mascara

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

Ever had those days when people come up to you and say ’you look tired’? Yeah, we all that too. A subtle shade of mascara will keep you looking refreshed and alert through the day and, is the perfect pick-me up after a long night of studying. No, really, we've tried it and it works. 
Cosmo Recommends: L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

5) Sunscreen


A must-have in a hot country like the U.A.E, where your skin needs some serious protection against the harmful sun rays. If you want a healthy, wrinkle free and youthful face especially in the long run, you better start slathering on some of this every time you step outside. Don’t like the feel of sunscreen? A moisturizer infused with SPF will also do the trick. 
Cosmo Recommends: Hawaiian Topic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30

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