Deep breaths Because Huda Beauty Just Announced A 'New Nude' Eyeshadow Palette

Did someone say neutral colours?
Deep breaths Because Huda Beauty Just Announced A 'New Nude' Eyeshadow Palette
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Our beauty prayers have been answered!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, Huda Beauty just announced she is launching a brand new eyeshadow palette called 'New Nude', and we might not have that long to wait.

When it comes to new palette releases, the last couple of months have been nothing but rapturous.

First we had Urban Decay's "Naked Cherry", swiftly followed by KKW Beauty's "Cherry Blossom", then Anastasia Beverly Hills announced "Sultry", Too Faced released their "Gingerbread Spice", and last but by no means least, Charlotte Tilbury surprise dropped her "Stars In Your Eyes".

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking of getting an eyelid enhancement to make more room for all this shadow.

This past Wednesday, Huda posted a video of the brand spanking new palette, with the caption: "#HudaBeautyNewNude launching very soon who's excited?". Before teasing us with a video, that didn't reveal the actual shades.

Tricksy, verrrrry tricksky Huda.

The packaging is classic Huda and features her face covered with a net veil. If the name if anything to go by, we're guessing "New Nude" is her take on neutral colours. As on the outer packaging you can see she is wearing gold shades, but on the insert inside, she's wearing cool toned greys.

One thing's for sure, this isn't going to be another warm toned palette.

While we patiently wait for a release date, we'll be making sure our Huda Beauty palette collection is up to date.

Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette,, Dhs263

Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette,, Dhs263

Can't wait to have one more to add to the library.

H/T Cosmo UK

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