The 6 Best Places To Get Pancakes In Dubai

They’re flippin good!
The 6 Best Places To Get Pancakes In Dubai

Nothing quite screams breakfast like a stack of warm, fluffy pancakes dripping in syrup. Whether you’re a breakfast person with a sweet tooth, or someone looking for healthy pancake options or if you’re just really really craving pancakes like I am right now, these 6 spots in Dubai are just where you need to go to get your fix. Forks out, people!

1) Cocoa Room

Nobody does Pancakes like Cocoa Room making them the perfect cheat-day food worth every calorie. Using creative ingredients like caramelised banana chunks and almond crumble, pancakes at this spot are simply indulgent and mouth-watering. The Red Velvet Pancake, Oreo Midnight Pancake and Banoffee Pancake are few of their best offerings.

Cocoa Room, The Galleria mall, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, Dhs50

2) iHop

iHop is a classic when it comes to pancakes. Their All-American fluffy pancakes are renowned for their taste and portion sizes. Try their famed New York Cheesecake Pancake or opt for their buttermilk pancake if you want something less extravagant, for the ultimate breakfast experience. With the IHOP butter, maple syrup and a scoop of ice cream, these are a staple if you must ask.

iHop, Multiple locations in Dubai, Dhs44

3) Clinton St Baking Company

Dubbed “New York’s number 1 breakfast spot”, Clinton St Baking Co has brought their world famous pancakes to Dubai and we’re not disappointed one bit. What’s better than customising your own pancake? Choose from three additional toppings including Maine blueberries, banana and walnut or chocolate chunks. Their Bluberry Pancakes topped off with wild Maine blueberries and maple butter sauce are wildly popular!

Clinton St Baking Company, City Walk, Dubai, Dh59

4) Holland House Mini Pancakes

Miniature pancakes that you can have on the go? Now that’s the dream. Holland House offers 10 mini, fluffy pieces of pancake heaven that can be topped off with an extensive choice of sauces including Nutella, lotus, peanut butter, cinnamon, maple syrup and even savoury toppings like cheese. The Mini Pancakes drizzled with Nutella is a crowd pleaser!

Holland House Mini Pancakes
Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, Open from: 10:00am – 00:00am
Kite Beach, Street 2D, Umm Suqeim Timing On Weekdays from 12pm to 10pm, weekends from 10am to 12am, Dh25

5) Cocoville

Cocoville is chocolate haven. When it comes to their pancakes, you can only imagine how choco-licious they are! Their chocolate filled pancakes are absolutely perfect with smooth, creamy chocolate oozing out of the warm pancakes. The Midnight Pancakes in particular are to die for! Truly a one-stop destination for the chocoholic.

Cocoville, 51st Street, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, Dhs50

6) Comptoir 102

Simply perfect for those of you who’re watching your weight or looking to eat a satisfying healthy breakfast, Comptoir 102 is here to save your appetite. This café makes incredibly filling gluten free buckwheat pancakes topped with organic maple syrup and fresh berries, leaving you guilt free and content. They have plenty of amazing vegan options as well!

Comptoir 102, 102 Beach Rd Jumeirah 1, Dubai, Dhs52 to 63