Apple Is Working On Making Indestructible iPhones And Macbooks And, We’ve Never Been Happier

*Jumps for joy whilst clinging onto my iPhone*
Apple Is Working On Making Indestructible iPhones And Macbooks And, We’ve Never Been Happier
Hopefully this will never happen again...

Ladies, our prayers have been answered! Apple is finally working on a plan to make their iPhones and Macbooks I.N.D.E.S.T.R.U.C.T.I.B.L.E.

As someone who has a mini-heart attack every single time my beloved iPhone falls, this is something I greatly appreciate. I mean, depending on the model of your phone, that’s roughly Dhs3,500 that’s just fallen from the sky (table) to be kissed by gravity (the floor), only to be left with a nice little (massive) split on our screen. Which usually leads to me squinting a little and begging my friends not to send me memes because I like memes and it makes me really mad when I CAN’T SEE THEM.


Sorry, I’m going off topic. Back to these plans that Apple has to change our lives for the better.

According to a newly released patent, Apple is putting tons of money and hours into creating technology that will make all of their devices scratchproof and unbendable.

The Abrasion-Resistant Surface Finishes On Metal Enclosures (super sexy name for a patent right there) explains that there will be two layers of screens in the near future – a lower metallic layer and a harder outer layer that will be coated in either a ceramic material or a carbon-based substance that will have a similar hardness to diamonds – nice.

As for the unbendable bit, this will hopefully be achieved by applying an abrasive-resistant coating over the device’s paint layer. Which, could also mean that we might see more colour options in the future – a change that we are very much looking forward to.

Excuse me while I go and pester the good folks at Apple to speed up the process.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

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