Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Is Going to Have a Massive Treasure Hunt on This Weekend

Grab your girls, there’s an international trip to be won
Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Is Going to Have a Massive Treasure Hunt on This Weekend

Ladies, grab your girls because we’re going on a treasure hunt. No, really.

We’re going on a hunt to find clues, solve a puzzle and win us a five night stay in Scotland.

Here’s how we’re going to do it.

Sheraton Mall of the Emirates, you know the one connected right to the mall? Yeah, it’s hosting the expedition.

To take part in the Road To Awareness Social Hunt, all you need to do is pay the Dhs75 entry fee, collect your map and start finding the clues, which would lead you to different objects or locations.

Once you’ve solved each individual puzzle or answer, you need to upload them to Instagram, tag the hotel and the Al Jalila Foundation – all the proceeds go to the local charity that aims to provide financial support to children’s medical treatment in the UAE.

The first to finish the hunt, wins the trip.

If you don’t, however, there are still tons of other prizes to be won. We're guessing; discount vouchers, meal vouchers and maybe even a staycation. 

To prep you, we’re shortlisted a few key points to keep in mind and items to take with you.

Let’s begin.

1. Water


You’re going to be running around (A LOT), so hydration is key.

2. Comfy shoes


Again, you’re going to be doing quite a bit of walking so, while heels may look hot, they will render your ability to speed walk/ run from one location to another.

3. A friend that can read maps


Because we still can’t... You can figure how to pay them back, once you’ve won your stay.

4. A power bank


You need to upload all your answers so, a flat battery is really something that needs to be avoided. Don't want the abobe to be you, now do you? 

5. A snack


Just as important as staying hydrated. Don’t believe us? Look at the gif above.

Right then, good luck and don’t be late, the hunt kicks off at 10.30am sharp.

Sheraton Treasure Hunt
When: 10.30am, Friday, September 14
Where: Sheraton Mall of the Emirates
Price: Dhs75
Contact: website