10 Ways To Work A Scarf Into Your Hair

Because who wouldn't want to pretty-up their locks?
10 Ways To Work A Scarf Into Your Hair
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Nina CattBy Nina Catt -

Is it just me, or does anyone else have an entire folder dedicated to saving hair inspiration on their Instagram account? Mine is jam-packed full of pictures of the perfect wave, and snaps of luscious chocolate locks to take along to salon appointments.

More recently, I’ve been experimenting with scarves. And with my new obsession, I’ve been saving photographs to the aforementioned folder, ready to try them out for myself. But it has just occurred to me... I should be sharing these pretty pictures with you, dear Cosmo readers – so that we can all have a go at this (super-easy) fun way to accessorise.

Here are a few faves…

This pretty plait is great for the office. 

Bun fun! So simple.

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How cute is this twist?

This pretty pony is so effortlessly cool.

Another fab way to wear a braid. Why have we never thought of this before?

I just can't get enough.

New York City cool.

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Yep. Never wearing a bun without a scarf ever again.

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It works in a half-up half-down do too!

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Top knot fun.

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And one of my personal faves to finish. 

Now, go grab a scarf and experiment! And don't forget to share this with your BFF's. Sharing is caring.