Lindsay Lohan Left An Amazing/Terrifying Comment On Ed Sheeran's Instagram

Mum, can you come pick me up? I'm scared.
Lindsay Lohan Left An Amazing/Terrifying Comment On Ed Sheeran's Instagram

Ed Sheeran, award-winning British singer-songwriter and all-round legend, probably thought he was just sharing a cute social media moment with his fans when he posted a photo of himself cuddling a ginger cat to Instagram.

Little did he know he would attract the attention of one Miss Lindsay Lohan, who apparently feels comfortable chatting to Ed as though they're BFFs from way back.

Here's how it went down: To celebrate #internationalcatday, Ed posted a snap of himself with a little kitty snuggled into his hoodie. It was adorbs and gave us cosy feelings of warmth and happiness.

Then Linds came in like a wrecking ball and made everything feel weird by leaving the following comment:

Goodness.What is this, flirting? Redhead camaraderie? Your friendly neighbourhood social media interaction? Can we get #ginger trending?

It's all very confusing given the last time LiLo left an Instagram comment, she was threatening to fire her employees for wearing the wrong shoes.

Unsurprisingly, Ed Sheeran's comments section was collectively shook by this interaction.

"I'm uncomfortable," one commenter wrote.

"Prince Harry is shaking," another added.

Actually, that's a good point ...has anyone checked on Prince Harry? If being a redhead is all it takes for LiLo to slide into your comments, he may have cause for concern. Emma Stone should also be quivering RN.

No word yet on whether Ed Sheeran has recovered from this incident or if he's furiously writing an angry ballad titled, 'Same colour as us'.

H/T Cosmo AU