Elissa Just Revealed She's Been Fighting Breast Cancer And Urges Women To Get Checked

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Elissa Just Revealed She's Been Fighting Breast Cancer And Urges Women To Get Checked

Cancer is never easy and we're really glad to hear that Lebanese popstar, Elissa has defeated breast cancer and is ready to live her life to the fullest once more.

Fans of the Elissa were shocked to learn that the singer had secretly been fighting breast cancer, and were only made aware of this sad truth when she released her latest music video “For All Those Who Love Me” (Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni) just yesterday. The seven minute video is a tear-jerker and features moving footage of real life radiotherapy sessions, and a voiceover of Elissa herself, coming clean to her beloved fans about her struggle with the disease. There's even footage of her fainting on stage while in Dubai earlier this year.

The video ends on a happy note with the singer announcing that she has beaten the cancer and is in recovery at the moment. Elissa owes her recovery to the immense support of her family, friends and fans. She also urges women to get checked at the earliest, so they too can benefit from early detection of the deadly disease. She says to her fans, “I’ve recovered, I’ve beaten the illness, and I won…. Early detection of breast cancer can save your life, don’t ignore it, face it.”

After the release of the music video, she has shared a photo on her Instagram that features the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon with a heart-warming caption, "This music video shouldn’t make you cry. It’s a reason to smile, be happy, and grateful. We can fight cancer if we know about it in early stages. I love you all".

Congratulations on beating the disease, Elissa and wishing you a speedy recovery!