Here's Everything In Kylie Jenner's 21st Birthday Makeup Collection

And a reminder that she is still 20-years-old...
Here's Everything In Kylie Jenner's 21st Birthday Makeup Collection

Given the fact that Kylie Jenner is almost a billionaire and has already had her first child, you've probably forgotten the fact that she is still just 20-years old.

Yep, Kylie turns 21 on 10th August and even if I lived to 100, I'm pretty sure I'll still be raiding the back of my sofa for a spare few quid the day before pay day.

Rather than celebrate by dancing on a sticky Liquid and Envy dance floor, double parked with Apple Sourz, Kylie is releasing a new makeup collection to celebrate her 'coming of age'.

The aptly titled '21 Collection' was revealed on Kylie's Instagram Stories Tuesday night and to say that this might just be her coolest packaging yet, is an understatement.

But before you decide whether it's worth parting with your hard-earned money (been there, done that, paid the customs charge), here is EVERYTHING in the collection that Kylie calls her "most personal" yet.

6 Matte Lipsticks - 'Glam', 'Birthday Behavior', 'Flirtini', 'Rumor', 'Rager' and 'August'

The Birthday Lip Trio - 'The After Party', 'Shots', 'Victoria'

Get Lit Pressed Highlighter - 'Champagne Showers'

Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette - 'Sipping Pretty'

3 Liquid Shadows (reformulated) - 'Eat Cake', 'Born to Sparkle', 'Fine Wine'

3 Lip Kits - 'Twenty One', 'Baddie', 'Tipsy'

6 Mini Lip Collection- 'Boss, 'Victoria', 'Rad', 'Say No More', 'Boy Bye', 'Queen'

The entire collection launches on on 6th August.

H/T Cosmo UK