9 Cool Ways To Display Photos In Real Life

Because your memories deserve MORE than getting bunged in a Facebook album
9 Cool Ways To Display Photos In Real Life

Hey, university students! Here are some super cute photo display ideas for when you want physical memories of your friends and family instead of just sticking them all in a Facebook album. It's amazing what you can do with some washi tape or a peg and string, eh?

1. Give that random and frankly characterless bit of wall in your lounge a purpose

2. Consider hanging your photos vertically

3. Put your photos on display in little jars. Because everything looks cooler in jars.

4. Newsflash: more is more

5. Fashion a pretty heart out of your favourite Instax/Instagram photos

6. Clip photos to fairy lights for a sweet and simple way to add character to your boudoir

7. Use cute washi tape for a frame wall that won't leave loads of holes in the wall

8. Use nice hangers (not your flimsy Topshop ones) to hang images on the wall

9. Peg your snaps to string for an easy and rustic display

H/T Cosmo UK