Behold, The Ultimate Round-Up Of Dubai's Best Cafés!

I can already hear the coffee beans calling out my name!
Behold, The Ultimate Round-Up Of Dubai's Best Cafés!
Tania's Teahouse

We can all agree that coffee is a life saver. The caffeinated drink has been with us through thick and thin and is the one thing we turn to when things get messy, or we need an indulgent pick-me-up (we're looking at you, 24-carat gold coffee at the Burj Al Arab).

Sipping on the delicious hot stuff while curled up somewhere warm and cozy sounds like an absolute dream, doesn't it? And what better place to do that at than an inviting coffee shop? Be it a chill sesh with good company, getting productive and finishing that pesky report, or even enjoying some alone time with a good book.

With the endless choices here in Dubai, we've narrowed down eight top spots you just have to check out. Trust us. We are experts!

1) The Roseleaf Café

This cute café is truly a hidden gem nestled inside Dubai Garden Center at Al Quoz. If you’re on the lookout for good, wholesome and healthy food, this café is the perfect choice. Renowned for their delicious cakes, healthy soups and sandwiches, seasonal single-origin coffees, and premium whole-leaf teas, The Roseleaf makes for the perfect breakfast spot. They also use Nightjar Coffee roasters from Nebraska, making them the only café In Dubai to do so. With both indoor and outdoor seating you can take your pick, but we recommend sitting inside the glasshouse for the best views. Truly an urban sanctuary away from the concrete jungle.
Where: Roseleaf Cafe, Al Quoz and Emirates Golf Club, Dubai
Contact: +971 56 644 9886website

2) Boston Lane Toasties and Café

Coffee and toast, a combination we dream about. Located at The Courtyard in Al Quoz, this newly opened café is truly one of the best kept secrets in Dubai. With a Moroccan ambiance paired with Australian vibes, this millennial pink café was inspired by Melbourne's laneway coffee culture, and offers a variety of specialty coffees that pair beautifully with the toasties that they’re all about. 
Where: Boston Lane Toasties and Cafe, Al Quoz, Dubai
Contact : +971 58 517 2131website

3) Tom and Serg

Tom and Serg is a local coffee connoisseur’s favourite as not only does it serve some amazing coffee, but it’s also always brimming with happy vibes. Tom & Serg combines several trendy elements from cities like East London, and San Francisco and prides itself on its nutritious food such as their gormet avocado on toast, açai bowls, poached eggs and cold brew coffees. They also offer a plethora of non-dairy, vegan and gluten-free options. Whilst a little on the pricey side, this is one café you must visit at least once during your stay/visit here in Dubai.
Where: Tom and Serg , Al Quoz, Dubai
Contact: +971 56 474 6812website

4) Tania’s Teahouse

Yes it says tea house but they also offer some of the coolest coffees in Dubai. Tania’s Teahouse in Jumeirah has garnered serious attention on Instagram due to its millennial pink décor, with marble and rose gold accents (the perfect place for content creators). With some of the most creative coffee menus in Dubai, this teahouse has plenty of choices with quirky names such as Cat-purr-ccino, Better Latte Than Never, and more. Good news for fashionistas - coffees are also topped off with fashion-inspired stencil art.
Where: Tania's Teahouse, Jumeirah, Dubai
Contact: +971 54 324 0021website

5) Spill the Bean

This coffee house takes its coffee very seriously - their beans are locally roasted (Raw Coffee). With a great selection and speciality varieties, they offer decaf, soy milk, low-fat milk and even camel milk options. The artsy décor and ambiance will keep you coming back for more. You can find this cozy café tucked away in Sunset Mall in Sustainable City. We especially recommend the Date Cold Brew. Delish!
Where: Spill The Bean, The Sustainable City, Dubai
Contact: +971 4 242 8671

6) The Brass

The Brass is a beautiful Mediterranean-style rustic café with fun touches of Dubai, such as brews inspired by the different neighbourhoods of the city such as the ‘Deira blend’ and ‘Creek Blend’. They serve roasts from around the globe including countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Yemen and the Malabar Coast of India. You can even tell them how you want your coffee delivered: via French press, siphon, cold drip or pour-over. Their impressive coffee menu includes everything from a classic Americano to an Egyptian walnut sahleb, to their signature lavender honey latte, which is a must try! Hunt this café down at City Walk.
Where: The Brass, Multiple locations, Dubai
Contact:+971 5 349 7702website

7) Jolie Floral Boutique and Café

This pretty café located in City Walk is the winner of Time Out Dubai’s Best Café of 2018 and their coffee, service and interiors are a true testament to this. With a strong floral theme, this home-grown concept is beautifully presented with white tea-shop-style furniture, and plenty of fresh flowers, resembling an English rose garden, or a quaint cottage. The coffee here also comes served with a fresh rose.
While the coffee offerings are something to get excited about, it’s the presentation of the drinks and food that will grab your attention here. Very Instagram-able.
Where: Jolie Floral Boutique and Cafe, City Walk, Dubai
Contact: +971 4 345 6922website

8) %Arabica

Being the first Japanese coffee house to open in the region, this minimalistic coffee house is also renowned for their latte art. The baristas are trained to prepare coffee just as you like it using the roastery’s signature blend, or a choice of numerous single-origin beans from around the globe. They also have a very unique Slayer espresso machine which is one of the finest in the world.
The Spanish Latte is a hit. Check it out.
Where: %Arabica, Multiple locations, Dubai
Contact: website

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