Go Full On Fashionista With These Bangin’ Beach Bags

And here's where to shop them in the Middle East...
Go Full On Fashionista With These Bangin’ Beach Bags

Struggling to fit all your essentials into a teeny tiny purse before hitting the beach to catch those rays? Don’t fret because Cosmo have you covered and we've worked out a solution: Beach bags!  Not only can they be super cute with their lavish colourful designs, they’re also equipped to accommodate quite a lot! So feel free to pack everything you need; from your sunscreen, your hair products, makeup, and maybe even your old prom dress that’s laying around in the back of your closet. The beach bag can fit it all!

We’ve assembled our top picks, for you to splurge on this summer!

Black St.Tropez Tote Bag, By Kayu, www.ounass.ae


Round Straw Shoulder Bag, By Pieces, www.nisnass.ae


Cherry Sequin Straw Beach Bag, By Mystique, www.selfridges.com


Pom Pom And Stripe Straw Beach Bag, www.mena.boohoo.com


Sequin Straw Basket Tote, By South Beach, www.en-ae.namshi.com


St Tropez Pom Pom-Embellished Embroidered Woven Straw Tote, By Kayu, www.net-a-porter.com


Half Moon Contrast Stripe Straw Beach Bag, By South Beach, ww.asos.com


Pom Pom Straw Beach Bag, By Pimkie, www.asos.com


Nine Straw Beach Bag By Giselle, www.shopatsauce.com


Nautical Shopper Bag, M&S Collection, www.marksandspencer.com


Now go work that Beach Look!