Sunglasses: The Top 5 Styles You Must Own This Summer!

Droppin' some serious shade...
Sunglasses: The Top 5 Styles You Must Own This Summer!

The sun is blinding in these trying times and as women on-the-go, we can’t be bothered to walk around holding parasols 24/7. This isn’t the 19th century, after all. All we need are our sunnies, a cute outfit and we’re good to go! So, choose from our favourite summer trends and shield those precious pupils from the harsh UV rays. Here, we have listed five different styles to shake up your summer look!

1. All round pleaser

Opt for these round frames, and rock the chic classic look.

Round Double Bridge Wayfarers By Ray-Ban,


Nas crystal-embellished round-frame mirrored sunglasses By Fred Banana,


2. Hear 'meow' out

Look fierce with these cat eye sunglasses and own that cat walk, wherever you go!

Extreme Skinny Cat Eye Sunglasses,


Turquoise Mirror Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses,


3. Look sharp

If you know anything about sunglasses, you know that you can never go wrong with aviator frames. 

Sunglasses with UV-protective tinted lenses,


Split Lens Aviator Fashion Sunglasses,


4.Go big or go home

Sported by many of the Kardashians, these oversized frames are definetly doing something right!

Heisler Oversized Sunglases,


Liddie Oversized Sunglasses,


5. We heart this look

Nothing like sporting these dreamy heart framed sunglasses, while searching for your new summer beau!

Gold & Pink Poppy Heart Frame Sunglasses By Chloe,


Heart-shape Sunglasses By Mango,