The Internet Is Divided Over Kim Kardashian's New KKW Beauty Classic Makeup Collection

Do you love it or hate it?
The Internet Is Divided Over Kim Kardashian's New KKW Beauty Classic Makeup Collection

Every time I think I'm overwhelmed with new makeup launches and that there is no way I can justify adding any more products to my collection, I scroll through my Instagram feed and get totally blindsided by a beautiful eyeshadow palette.

Whether it's the Disney inspired new Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette, or the world's most pigmented eyeshadow brand - Juvia's Place - I always seem to find a way to justify buying more eyeshadows for my two eyelids.

On Thursday Kim Kardashian announced that her makeup line, KKW Beauty, is releasing a brand new 'Classic Collection' and the Internet immediately fell into two camps.

The collection which includes an eyeshadow palette with 7 matte shades and 3 metallics, as well as 4 peach creme lipsticks and matching lip liners, has left the Internet divided, with people either loving or hating it.

Some people like me are firmly in the love camp and have nothing but appreciation for another beautiful neutral palette.

"I'm a neutral kinda person so this is a must"

"Looks pretty. Those shimmers look beautiful"

Same. But others, weren't so approving...

"Lol is this a joke? I mean I don't think a lot of people would buy this very expensive BORING BASIC palette, maybe some die hard Kim fans but you can get a palette like this from @makeuprevolution for like £4" (Dhs19.30)

"Yawnnnnn boringggg but very Kim"

"When are we gonna stop with all the warm toned palettes booorringgg"

"Another nude palette, how groundbreaking"

But as one person put it, neutral makeup is what Kim is all about.

"Cmon.... would you really expect a COLOURFUL eyeshadow palette from Kim Kardashian? If she released bright colours then people would complain that that’s not her style. Kim only wears neutral/bronzey eye looks so obviously she’s gonna release a neutral palette that she can use and that her fans can use to recreate her eye looks with. If you want a colourful eyeshadow palette, try bh cosmetics. Until then stop complaining bc you guys won’t be satisfied with anything!!"

To quote Britney Spears, "I can't get no satisfaction".

H/T Cosmo UK